7 Ways to Use a Screen Recorder For Your Business

Business video isn’t just limited to marketing personnel. While social media videos can help your business stand out online, Internal communications videos help ensure your message gets across to your employees.

Using screen recordings in your videos will improve the effectiveness of your communication, whether you are training your staff or assisting a new client. Here are seven innovative ways to use screen recording tools for your business and free templates to help get you going.

Make explainer videos for Teams and Clients.

If your client or staff members need more background information, make an explanation video! These videos clarify why “why” behind new initiatives, methods, processes, and strategies.

Screen recordings are a great way to showcase old, inefficient methods compared to the new ones you’re revealing. Also, showcase your product or software by re-creating actual scenarios in your display.

Provide employee Training Videos.

Training sessions you conduct when there isn’t a physical office can be challenging. Instead of hopping onto an online meeting and hoping everyone is watching and paying attention, you could send a training video through email or Slack, complete with screen recordings!

Since screen recordings can be watched repeatedly and over again, viewers can watch on their schedule and revisit particular areas. This means fewer one-on-one support sessions and more back-and-forth emails. Screen recordings and voiceovers can be displayed alongside the text, emphasizing the most crucial details.

Watch a recording of a meeting or presentation at a later date.

If you need to be in a position to be a part of an event or review your presentations in the future, take note of your screen. Of course, this must be approved by the person involved in the meeting.

You can, for instance, utilize a screen recorder to record the essential parts of a conference or presentation. It is utilized for more than just personal preference. However, these recordings could be used again and shared in recaps of meetings, follow-up tweets, social media updates, and others.

Create tutorials and Instructional videos.

Similar to the videos for workplace training, Screen recordings are highly effective for instructional videos. Help new employees established for your first working day. Show your employees how to complete an expense report or even more by displaying step-by-step directions on your screen.

The Workplace template offers an excellent outline of a step-by-step tutorial. Drag and drop your screen recording onto the template to show what must be completed. After that, you can add a voiceover to ensure that no one is lost in the process.

Product or service demonstration Videos

It’s the best way to showcase the capabilities of your product than through a demonstration! Do you have software or an app that is a companion to the software? Screen recordings can be used to illustrate precisely what your application can do.

Product demos are excellent complements to the descriptions of your products or sales pitches. You can also include them on your website to assist visitors in understanding how your product will aid them. This custom Product Demo template uses footage of a tangible item, but it is easily replaced with screen-based footage.

Simply explaining problems and solutions.

Refusing to discuss problems and solutions can lead to massive email chains and headaches! Instead, you can use screen recordings to guide the audience through solution options at every step.

If someone has a query, another will likely have the same issue! The good news is that videos are a fantastic way to create an effective “FAQ” system. Making a shareable video can encourage colleagues and customers to share it so you don’t have to hunt them down.

Collaborate with Team members.

If you can’t invite a colleague over to your workstation, show them the work you’re doing by making screen recordings! These videos provide complete visibility for your team members to share their thoughts and work together. Creating an area for team members promotes transparency, teamwork, and greater team harmony.

Bottom Line

So, screen recorders are incredibly versatile devices that can be employed in many ways to help your business. From creating tutorials and training materials, screen recording could make time more efficient, enhance communication, and boost productivity. By incorporating screen recording into your company strategy, you can profit from its many advantages and remain ahead of the pack.