7 Warning Signs of Dementia to Look Out For

Dementia is a degenerative syndrome that impacts cognitive function and leads to memory, comprehension, judgment, mood, and behaviour issues. According to the World Health Organization, around 55 million people worldwide are living with Dementia, and this number is expected to almost triple in the next 30 years. 

There is no cure for this disease; however, you and your loved one can prepare better for what is to come if you catch it early. By making a care plan in the early stages, you can ensure that you or your loved one will receive care that works best for them, and everyone involved. If, for example, you live in the Greater Toronto Area, this could include speaking with a Toronto or Mississauga home care Company to see what care options may be available. 

Here are some warning signs to look out for that may indicate the development of dementia. 

1. Forgetfulness and Memory Loss

While memory lapses can be normal at any age, significant memory loss is not. People living with Dementia may remember things that happened a long time ago, especially in the early stages. However, their short-term memory can be negatively affected. If you notice a significant change in the memory of you or your loved one, it may be an early sign of Dementia. 

2. Difficulty Balancing

Seniors are generally more prone to falls as their strength begins to deteriorate. Falls, however, are also a common sign of Dementia. Even minor falls can be extremely dangerous for Seniors, so it is essential to get a care plan in place as soon as possible. 

3. Changes in Mood and Personality 

Depending on what area of the brain is affected by the disease, people living with Dementia may experience changes in mood and personality. For example, someone who is usually very happy and outgoing may become reserved and upset. Mood changes can also happen very quickly and can rise and fall easily. 

4. A Shift in Eating Habits 

It is common for people living with Dementia to either gain or lose a significant amount of weight because they either forget that they have already eaten and then eat again before they are ready, or they forget to eat entirely. They may also develop a general disinterest in eating, causing them to skip meals or spit out their food. 

5. Poor Judgment and Reasoning

People living with Dementia often have trouble making the right decisions. This could mean wearing a t-shirt outside in the cold or pouring juice into their cereal.

6.Language Issues

A sign that someone is in the early stages of developing Dementia can be noticing a change in their communication. People living with dementia often struggle to find words and will substitute words with alternatives that do not make sense. This can thus cause them to speak less as it becomes increasingly difficult and frustrating to form sentences.  

7. Disorientation

Dementia can cause individuals to become very confused and disoriented. They may forget what day it is or forget where they are. A common early sign that something may be wrong is that they are becoming confused in situations and places in which they should be very comfortable, such as in their home. 

These are some of the more common early signs of Dementia. Should you notice these in your loved one, then see a medical professional and develop a care plan as soon as possible.