7 Types of Fabric Suitable for Baby Garments

When buying baby garments, the first question that arises in the mind is which fabric is best for making clothes. As a first time mom, you may well look around for help. You approach elders and friends who have children. However, many people don’t have the right knowledge and will not be able to provide answers.

 This is why we took it on ourselves and decided to do this particular blog post focusing entirely on fabrics for baby frocks and other outfits. By the time you are done reading it, rest assured you will have plenty of information that will help to make well-informed decisions. After all, moms want the best for their little bundle of joy. 

Importance of choosing right fabric for baby garments

The right fabric can be used to make baby boy dresses, oneset, rompers, pants, blouse, little skirts and much more. When it comes to baby boy dresses, the sky is the limit. However, no matter how cute the attire is but if it isn’t made out of the best fabric, it will only leave the child in a distressful state. 

The tips you will discover as you scroll down can also help moms who wish to sew baby frocks. Before we jump right into it, let’s talk about a few basics such as the fabric must always be soft and non-irritating. For a newborn, you must go an extra mile to ensure the safety and precautions. You want to steer clear of a fabric that is too clingy or thick. Bottom line is to choose a fabric which is breathable and skin friendly. 

Next thing to keep in mind is to make sure the fabric is of good quality. Since you will be washing it frequently, baby girl dresses must be fade and color resistant. Many a times, we fall for a very low priced item. Although, it seems tempting to purchase it for a few bucks but if it will be worn a couple of times only then it’s of no use. 

Cotton is the first choice of fabric that comes to mind. You can buy the best lyocell blend fabric clothes for your babies. It is absorbent, breathable, and comfortable for the baby’s gentle skin. Baby garments made from organic cotton fabric are all the rave right now. These are articles produced in a very eco-friendly environment without the use of chemicals. This practice is still relatively new but ideal for outfits for newborns. 

Lawn Cotton

When it comes to cotton, there are many types. Don’t be tricked by a smooth soft looking fabric. You must look for lawn cotton which is lightweight, soft and having a high thread count. It is the best fabric for baby garments. While you may not find exact lawn cotton on every shop, you must look for a fabric that is transparent and slightly crisp. This combination is only possible when the material is made of very fine thread. It is a popular choice for making baby frock and gowns. 


If you are looking for little baby girl dresses, then voile should be your first choice. This is a semi-sheer fabric having gauze like feel. It is similar to lawn cotton but much thinner and see-through. The free-flowing swiss voile has dots woven into the sheer background. 


This is another lightweight fabric on our list perfect for summers. Choose the cotton blend for outfitters kids design. The luxurious texture with a fine effect is ideal for gowns and fancy wear. You can find many such fabrics with embellishments and embroidery in shops. 

Handkerchief Linen

If you are looking for linen without getting the wrinkles then this will be ideal to make baby girl dresses design. The lightweight material will feel soft on the skin and your little one will feel easy in them. If you want to sew dresses from this fabric, all you need is peats.  


Muslin is a more dense form of cotton that can be used for making baby girl frock design. Again you can find a number of varieties within these types of fabrics too. Being 100% cotton, it is quite common to find cloth diaper covers, burp cloths and swaddle clothes made out of this fabric. It isn’t too fancy so people use it for lining purpose as well. Other than that ladies use it for making petticoats to wear under dresses. 


If you are looking for a more durable fabric and at the same time something which is comfortable to wear then we recommend batiste for new baby frocks. If you can find the swiss version of it, it will be a great option for you to try baby dresses design at home as well. Some of them are costly options but for babies these are great and more durable in the long run. As the child’s skin is super sensitive so you must never compromise on the quality of fabric. 


Our article would have remained incomplete if we didn’t mention of light fleece which is a popular fabric in winter collection for kids. It is commonly used in place of wool. Being thick, it will keep the baby warm and absorb moisture. Why this is a more popular choice for outfitters kids is also because it is easy to maintain, machine washable unlike wool. A popular choice of fabric for kid’s jackets and blankets. 


We hope after reading through this article, it will have given you information to help you get started when looking for online baby clothes shopping in Pakistan. There are many options and it an very well become overwhelming but when you have platforms like leyjao.pk, shopping for baby garments becomes the most enjoyable and stress free experience. We all know how difficult it is to buy online when you haven’t seen the item, it is always full of surprises. To make it easier you must always read reviews left by customers. This will further help you making a well informed decision. At the end of the day, we expect to get the best value for our money. We wish all our readers a great online shopping experience.