7 Top Side Jobs for Students in London

London has been one of the top cities for international students. A variety of renowned schools and advanced student exchange programs attract tens of thousands of students from different countries.

Still, studying in London is pretty expensive. Tuition fees, accommodation, food, and leisure all cost a lot in the British capital.

So, foreign exchange students and domestic students alike should do some side jobs to make ends meet.

This article brings the seven top part-time jobs for students in London to boost their budgets and learn some new skills along the way.

  1. Product tester

If you’re studying in one of the business capitals in the world, you’re exposed to thousands of renowned global brands.

Each of these brands produces and places different products and services. Some of them are distributed online while others find their way to customers through brick-and-mortar stores.

Either way, all these items and services need to be tested before they’re offered to buyers.

Being a product tester is both fun and pretty lucrative for a student budget. It typically doesn’t include and manual labor or physical exhaustion. You get one or more products and test their functionality. Depending on the complexity of the product, you’ll need to provide certain feedback.

All in all, it doesn’t sound like rocket science and it can pay your bills.

  1. Mystery shopper

Closely related to the previous job, London is a perfect city for the job of mystery shopper. Thanks to thousands of shops, restaurants, and boutiques, there’s literally enough work for every student currently living in London.

Companies hire mystery shoppers to check how their front workers treat customers and what value they bring to the company. Depending on the industry, you might be visiting restaurants, beauty parlors, fashion stores or supermarkets.

Either way, this job isn’t interesting only because of the earnings it brings, but it’s a smooth entrance behind the façade of the business world.

  1. Customer support agent

If you’re fluent in foreign languages (foreign exchange students certainly are), think about working as a customer support agent.

Companies operating in London cover the entire world and most of them need customer support for various languages.

This job sometimes includes working night shifts, so prepare for that possibility.

The positive aspect is that you can search for companies that allow you to work remotely.

This means that you can spend a few hours in the evening providing customer support between the university lectures and the bedtime.

  1. Babysitter

There are numerous families in London in which parents work 10+ hours a day. This means that they need someone to look after their kids even after nurseries and daycare centers are closed.

So, if you want to work as a babysitter, you should be able to find a job rather quickly.

There’s a catch, though.

Since babysitting – and childcare in general – is a delicate industry, you can’t just pop in from the street and earn parents’ trust.

It’s better to shop around childcare providers in London to see if they need additional staff.

So, it might be wise to attend one of the childcare courses in London beforehand and get familiar with the most common requests set by such employers and families.

Additional two cents: male students might better not consider this side job because families usually opt for female babysitters.

  1. Waiter, bartender, receptionist

With so many hotels, restaurants, and bars in London, there are numerous business opportunities for students to make some extra money working as waiters, bartenders, or receptionists.

There are no special requirements for the first two jobs. You’ll undergo certain training and then they’ll tell you whether you’re suitable for their needs or not.

However, working as a receptionist includes more responsibilities, such as knowing foreign languages, doing some simple accounting tasks, and possessing soft communication skills. Typically, guest houses and hotels look for long-term collaborations with receptionists, so bear that in mind when applying for such positions.

  1. Tourist guide

Millions of tourists visit London annually. This opens an endless number of opportunities for tourist guides.

For starters, you might want to apply to guide groups of tourists in English, given that your knowledge is on a satisfactory level.

As you gain some experience and get to know the main attractions, you may want to try guiding tourist groups in your native language. Depending on your country of origin, there might be visitors who don’t speak or understand English and want their tours to be organized in their mother tongue.

Working as a tourist guide is always good for some hidden benefits: you meet people from different parts of Great Britain, and tourists from different countries. You never know when you’ll make a business connection that could kick-start your career after you’ve finished your studies.

Finally, students working as tourist guides usually make more money than those doing average tourist side jobs.

  1. Tutors

Many students have additional skills that can be monetized through tutoring.

For instance, if you play a musical instrument, you might want to give lessons.

If you study sports, you’ll easily find a side job as a tennis trainer or a fitness instructor.

Native English speakers should consider giving language lessons to foreign students.

Likewise, perhaps there are some English people who would like to learn a foreign language from a foreign student.

Finally, if you know how to cook or do anything similar, you can start upload video tutorials on the Internet and making money along the way.

Studying and living in London means spending the best years of your life in a fantastic city. It opens many business opportunities for current students to improve their financial condition and build networks for the future. We hope that the jobs and tips shared above will help you make some extra money doing lucrative part-time jobs to enrich the time spent in London.