Instagram is a platform where creators want to be at the top at all times. Being one of the top creators on Instagram opens up a lot of doors and is prestigious. There are many tips and tricks which are used by the top creators to maintain their dominance on the platform. 

They use these tips to increase engagement on Instagram. We help you find the best tips on the platform like using the best sites to buy Instagram followers from and much more.  

  1. Consistency is key

Being consistent on Instagram will do wonders for your account. The majority of the people on Instagram like consistent accounts. They want to receive content regularly. The uses on Instagram like following accounts which will keep giving them content that they love. 

When you are consistent on the platform you will get more engagement on Instagram. Instagram promotes the content of active creators. It will be easier for you to get picked up by the algorithm. Try to decide the number of times you will post in a week beforehand and follow it every week. 

  1. Find your niche

Instagram is a platform that has a variety of individuals. You have different people from around the world who log into the application every day. With so many people on the platform, you can expect them to like different types of content. 

The first thing you need to do before creating content select your niche. You have to decide on a subtopic on which you will be posting your content. Food, travel, beauty are some of the popular niches on the platform. 

You need to choose a niche that suits your strengths and is popular on the platform as well. Depending on your niche you will try to find a specific audience for your account as well. You can even buy Instagram followers to boost your account and get new people.

  1. Timing matters

When you decide to upload your post makes a difference to the reach you have to become popular on Instagram you need to have a strong reach. You need to reach as many people as you can on the platform. Finding the correct time to post your content will help you to increase engagement on Instagram. To find the best time to post your content you need to analyze your audience. 

The best time to post your content is when the majority of your audience is active on the platform. Fixing a posting time for all of your content is good as well. Your audience can then know when to expect new content from you which can help you to increase engagement on Instagram.

  1. Track your engagement

Understanding your engagement is the best way to figure out how you are doing on the platform. To become one of the masters of Instagram, you have to understand how well your content is performing. 

Your audience will engage more with the posts they like opposed to others. Tracking which posts get the most engagement can help you find the type of content which your audience prefers. 

This provides you with crucial data needed to make better content and increase engagement on Instagram. Tracking the engagement also helps you to find out if you are receiving an increase in engagement after you buy Instagram views, likes or followers from

  1. Buy Instagram followers

This is one of the most powerful tips on this list. You can buy Instagram followers to take your account to the next level. Followers are needed for you to establish yourself on the platform. 

When you buy Instagram followers you get instant delivery of followers. These followers will help you to move up the ladder of Instagram and increase engagement on Instagram. Top creators across Instagram buy Instagram followers to get their accounts a better standing on the platform.  

  1. Master Hashtags

The importance of hashtags gets undermined quite a lot. Hashtags are one of the most important tools to help you increase engagement on Instagram. Hashtags help you to target users who do not follow you. 

When you use hashtags that are relevant to your niche you get superb reach on Instagram. Find the hashtags which will help you to target your audience and use them in your posts. Using hashtags that your target audience likes makes it easier to master Instagram.

  1. Make innovative stories

Stories are the most dynamic feature of Instagram. It is also the most feature-loaded tool. Stories help you to be more visible along with your audience. 

Your posts may get buried among the content but stories are much more visible since they are available in a different part of Instagram. Stories will help you to increase engagement on Instagram for your posts. 


This article has the best collection of tips you can use. These tips are some of the closely guarded secrets of the top creators. The majority of the creators use these tips continuously to increase engagement on Instagram