7 Strongest Cannabis Strains You Should Try

The good news is that cannabis usage is now legal in different states. This move has motivated an increase in cannabis strains putting up more options for the stoner and the breeder. Different stoners use different weed strains. The genetic makeup of cannabis species (terpenes vs. cannabinoid compounds) brings the difference. Apart from the most potent weed strains, psychedelic weed strains and even strains boost creativity.

Picking a weed strain can be a daunting task. Since different strains have different THC and CBD levels, you can now get choosy in exploring the weed strain to get high. Advancements in marijuana cultivation across the states may give birth to a plant with the highest THC percentage ever. Here are the cannabis strains to go for medicinal purposes and recreational use.

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond Weed Strain is a highly potent Indica strain in flavor and effects. It has a juicy blackberry flavor with notes of hardwood and burnt toffee. This strain has hallucinogenic effects owing to high THC content and may make you feel your environment shine like a diamond. It is excellent for relaxing and giggling and gives you energy without the sedating after-effect.

Go ahead and try out top quality black diamond weed strain if you struggle with stress, depression, or insomnia. Black Diamond has enormous mood-lifting properties and encourages total relaxation. You will fall into sleep more gracefully with Black Diamond, hence recommended for those struggling with sleep.

Godfather OG

The Godfather OG is the most mind-blowing marijuana strain on the planet. This Indica-dominant strain has high THC that hovers around 28-34% and is labeled the ‘Don of all OGs.’ It is farmed by California Herbal Remedies. It has also earned first place for the Best Indica at the 2013 Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles.

Pick this earthy, pine, and spicy strain to ease pain and insomnia. It has a spicy profile with hints of subtle grape. Low tolerance weed addicts should smoke Godfather OG in small doses. 

Chocolate OG

This Indica strain is a cross between Chocolate Rain and True OG. It is one of the high THC strains, with the highest THC level reported as close as 30%. Chocolate OG drives you into a giggly, euphoric feeling. It is best known for its high relaxing properties and will continue to dominate you with more puffs that you take. Be prepared for a cheesy and nutty flavor and a savory note on the palate.  

Chocolate OG strain has a beautiful appearance: chocolatey brown hairs and thick gleaming trichomes. The pungent aroma gets balanced with sweet cocoa buttercream notes. The strong sour taste has psychedelic-like qualities. Listening to music might complement your experience.

99 Problems

This cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. A cross between White 99 and Star Dawg strains, 99 Problems have relatively high THC content between 28-30%, whereas CBD levels are less than 1%. The medium-sized and deep-green buds, with white sticky trichomes and dark amber pistils.

99 Problems are not for novice smokers. It begins with a strong smell that quickly turns into a fruity balance of sweet berries. When this potent weed strain gets into your system, it will elevate your mood, boost energy, focus, and creativity. Weed users can explore this daytime strain to keep you feeling happy and uplifted.  

Banana Kush

Banana Kush is appropriate for weed lovers and enthusiasts. It is one of the most potent marijuana strains, best known for its enticing qualities and cerebral elevation. Its high THC level of 27% instantly makes you feel high and energetic. This hybrid strain is a mix of Skunk Haze and Ghost AG.

This weed strain smells like fresh bananas and delivers euphoric mellowness, eases social anxiety, and can get you a good night’s sleep. Banana Kush is best for experienced users and is excellent for evening usage. It pairs best with food, music, and spirits. Enjoy this Indica strain for the comfort it brings in social settings.

Grease Monkey

Expect your tensions to melt away with Grease Monkey. It crosses Gorilla Glue 4 and Cookies and Cream marijuana strains. This Indica-dominant weed strain has a whopping THC percentage of 31% and can act as a strong sedative. This explains where its intense euphoria comes from. However, the sedative value can vary with the growth conditions.   

Created by Exotic Genetix, this sleep-inducing weed strain is quite intense. Use it at night, on a less productive day, or when dealing with chronic stress to get a window of relief.  

Blue Walker

This Indica-dominant strain derived from Blue Diamond and Skywalker OG has a 26.77 percent THC level. It has medium-sized green leaves, bright orange hair, and small nugs covered with yellow trichomes. Blue Walker has good potency and produces a long-lasting body buzz.

The strain’s fruity aroma produces a calming effect. Blue Walker is also a corrective cure for stress, anxiety, and depression. It helps reduce illnesses symptoms. Even migraine patients can use it to get quick relief from horrible headaches. Blue Walker is safe to smoke but can make your mouth and eyes dry.


Remember, the most potent weed strains are not for new users. Even if you are an experienced stoner, take advice from a knowledgeable budtender to help you choose the best weed strain in 2022. As growers find improved ways to boost marijuana potency, consume the weed responsibly.