7 steps to maintain a long life of your motorbike

Proper care and understanding of the mechanics of your Dirt bike can help prevent it from damaging and help you maintain your motorbike for many seasons. However, without proper knowledge and care or even a case of disinterest may result in damage that will cause you hefty amounts of repairs. MX repair can be your destination store!

For proper maintenance of your Dirt bike, we have compiled a list of checks you should keep your eyes on to increase the life of your motorbike and enjoy the long runs by keeping you away from the repair shop.

  1. Wash your bike after every ride.

A bucket of water and gentle brushes with some soap solutions might be enough to give your bike a splash after every ride. However, knocking off the mud before it settles and hardens over the tires or blocks the engine or electrical compounds may lead to damage. Using water pressure to clean the dirt after every right can help keep your bike clean for your next ride.

  1. Let it dry completely.

Let your bike dry entirely before you try to inspect it for maintenance issues. You can use a leaf blower or a dryer for drawing it, and also make sure to cover the carburetor with an air box to prevent it from coming in contact with water or debris.

  1. Check for oil leaks.

After your bike is clean and dry, check to ensure that there is no oil leakage under its motor or brake fluid dripping that needs repairing. Also, change your oils routinely according to the bike’s manual.

  1. Chain check.

If your Dirt bike chain looks muddy, let it try to be removed gently with a fine brush before lubricating it with chain lube. You must make sure that the chain should never be taut enough to not leave some slack for suspension movement but also should never be loose so that you can remove it from this rear socket. If you find it too loose, it is time to replace it with a new one.

  1. Check the bolts and control cables.

Checking the hardware of your dirt bike is another crucial step to ensure its condition is well maintained. For example, tighten the bolts if they are losing grip or replace them if they get rusty.

Checking the cables and throttle is also essential to maintain the long life of your dirt bike. If you found the clutch cables or throttle frayed or worn out, take it as a sign to replace them. 

You can test the mechanism by free play by placing your bike on a stand and starting it to ride idly. Also, check for the snap operation by pushing the throttle of your Dirt bike to ensure it is working.

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