Did you know that the US spent around $240 billion on home improvements in 2020?

Home really is where the heart is, and nothing livens a room more than a fresh coat of paint. But when it comes to DIY, do you know how to do a professional paint job like Painting contractors in Frisco TX do.

Luckily, it is much easier than you think. Read on as we give seven painting tips for a professional finish. 

Use Primer

Primer is essential if you want to get an even finish when home painting. When painting drywalls, opt for a water-based primer. If you are painting paneling or trying to hide major discoloration such as smoke stains and water damage, opt for oil-based paint. 

Don’t Use Cheap Tools

Painting the inside of a house is one of the few tasks where cheap tools will have a huge impact. Rollers and brushes that are of poor quality will not hold as much paint, increasing the time it takes for you to apply them. In addition, fibers and bristles will often come away and set in the paint itself. 

Don’t Wash Brushes

If you don’t finish the painting in one day, then don’t bother washing your brushes. Inside, wrap them in plastic bags and tin foil then store them in a cold place. If you have the room, you can even place them in the refrigerator. 

Check the Weather

When painting the outside of a house, you should always plan by checking the weather. Firstly, the rain will cause havoc with your painting technique. In addition, you should check that the days after your job will be clear and warm to ensure thorough drying time. 

Check the Type of Paint Already On

If you are painting onto oil-based paint, you will need to use an oil-based primer before you start. Sometimes, it can be hard to know what the previous paint is made from until you begin. 

Place a cotton ball in some rubbing alcohol and dab it in a small area. The paint on the ball will show it is latex-based paint. If it has no residue, then you have oil-based paint on the wall and need to apply the right primer. 

Prepare With Tape

Before you begin, you should mask off any areas you do not want paint on. Place tape along straight edges, such as frames and baseboards for a neat finish with clean lines. Like buying brushes, don’t opt for cheap options when taping and go for high-quality products such as this painter’s tape. 

Apply Multiple Coats

Even if your paint looks even after one coat, you should apply more. This makes the paint more durable. Any knocks, scrapes, and bumps will be less likely to cut through the paint and primer, exposing the wall beneath. 

Hire a professional for the job

Following all these tips and tricks can be a little overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. You have too much to worry about, like spilling paints, an irregular paint pattern, and cleaning after you are done painting. However, it doesn’t need to be this way, and you can save yourself from the hassle by hiring the best commercial painters in Worcester, MA. The professional staff has years of experience in painting large office spaces and houses. Moreover, the contract is often less time-consuming and more affordable than if you decide to go for it yourself. 

Embrace These Painting Tips

Now you know these painting tips, you can begin to plan your home makeover! Make sure you leave adequate time to do the job, so you don’t end up rushing. With a little hard work, you will have a brand new home that looks like professionals have done it. 

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