7 Reasons to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident

Did you know that around 1.3 million people die every year in car accidents around the world? If you have recently become part of this statistic, it is a good idea to consider seeking legal help. We have put together this guide to share why you should hire an attorney after an auto accident. 

Read on to learn more.

1. Knowledge of the Law

A major reason you want to hire an attorney is because they are well aware of the laws that have to do with being injured. Once they learn exactly what happened in your case they can identify the legal issues and laws related to your injuries and accident. 

Enlisting the help of an attorney will increase your chances of receiving full compensation for your injuries. You don’t have to waste your own time researching laws and trying to determine all the paperwork you need. 

2. Determine the Compensation Amount

Another reason that you don’t want to tackle this on your own is because you want to make sure that you receive the proper amount of compensation. Reputable attorneys such as Alpha Accident Lawyers will evaluate the situation and determine the proper amount of compensation you should receive. 

Lawyers with experience will also make sure that you receive money for your lost income, car repairs, therapy, pain and suffering, medical expenses, etc. In some cases they might also subpoena the facility where you received treatment to give you the certified records of the expenses introduced at trial or arbitration. 

3. Insurance Negotiation

Car insurance companies are known for not wanting to pay claims because they are in the business of making money. Hiring a well versed attorney will increase your chances of winning your claim. In the event that your claim gets denied, an attorney will have the knowledge to appeal the decision and fight for your rights. 

If you receive an offer that is too low, an attorney will negotiate a better amount. Extensive legal research is needed to convince the court and jury to side with your case. Experienced attorneys know how to handle negotiations so that you don’t end up with low and unfair compensation.

4. Supporting Your Claim With Evidence

An attorney has the experience to carry out a complete investigation of your accident. They can put together all the evidence that connects your injuries to the accident. 

They will know what is the best evidence to prove your claim to the insurance company. Some evidence they might gather includes accident reports, medical records, video footage from nearby businesses, pictures taken by you or witnesses on cell phones, accident scene pictures, witness statements, and medical tests and medical scans. 

Sometimes when an insurance company is being difficult an attorney might hire an accident reconstruction expert to help determine how the crash happened and who was truly at fault. 

5. Filing a Court Case

An attorney will help you seek justice in court in the event that court negotiations fail. Doing this on your own can turn out negative unless you have full knowledge of the laws. A seasoned attorney fighting for you will help you file your case and submit the proper documents to the court system. 

When your court date comes, your attorney will have the skill set to fight for your rights and also answer all your questions and keep you in the loop. They will present everything you have in your favor to the judge strategically to increase your chances of receiving full justice for your injuries and trauma.

6. Proving Liability

Not only do you have to present evidence to win a case you also have to prove liability and this is not as simple as it might sound. Even when there are witness reports or police reports stating that the other driver was at fault, you have to still prove that they were careless enough to cause this accident.

Attorneys with experience are going to work to prove liability by using four common elements of fault. These four elements include: the at-fault party breached this duty, you were owed a duty of care by the at-fault party, you suffered losses due to your injuries, or you sustained injuries due to the breach of duty. 

7. Avoid Financial Loss

Usually after you go through a car accident you suffer not only emotionally and physically, you also suffer financially. Hiring an attorney will keep you from filing your suit too late, or lose money by trying to navigate the legal system on your own. 

When you go into a suit without the proper experience and you end up losing, you don’t have the opportunity to try again. You can end up without money for the damages you incurred. Some people might end up paying for fees and costs of an accident that they didn’t even cause. 

You will avoid all of this with an attorney because they will ensure that you don’t pay out of pocket for something that wasn’t your fault. 

Ready to Hire an Attorney?

Now that you have learned the top reasons for why you want to hire an attorney, you can make an informed decision on the attorney you choose. Remember to not rush into your final decision so that you select the best attorney for your needs. Experiencing a car accident is never fun or easy to get past, and sometimes it can change your life forever. 

If our guide above helped you out, we have more where this came from. Keep browsing the rest of this section for more guides.