7 Questions To Ask Before Booking A Mommy Makeover in New Orleans

Motherhood, though not for everyone, would have to be one of the best things that could happen to a person but it could really take a toll on your body naturally. Since your body is going to have to adjust to the growing human being in you, your body is going to have to stretch in ways that could change your body physically. Getting a mommy makeover by Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery in New Orleans would help you bring back your body after pregnancy, giving you your confidence back.

Here are the 7 Questions To Ask Before Booking A Mommy Makeover in New Orleans

1.     Do you actually know what a mommy makeover is?

You are going to have to actually know what a mommy makeover is before you even consider getting it. A mommy makeover is a procedure that combines different treatments at the same time. It would usually include liposuction, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck, breast reduction, vaginal rejuvenation, or labiaplasty.

2.     Would you be able to do all of the procedures at once?

When you are getting a mommy makeover, you get to combine several procedures and do them all at once, which is why it tends to take up to about 5 hours or more, depending on the type of procedure you are combining.

The real question to ask your surgeon is how long the procedures would last because when the surgery lasts longer than 6 to 7 hours, then the risks and complications tend to be higher so there are some procedures that would not be able to be done that exact same day.

3.     Can you still get a mommy makeover after getting a c-section?

The main reason why a lot of women want to add a tummy tuck procedure to their mommy makeover plan is because of the scar that they have once they have a c-section. The scar could create loose tissues because there would be no skin that would be removed so there would be stretched skin that would end up sagging. There are a few procedures that you could get to help with that, like a tummy tuck.

4.     Do you want to have more children?

You have to make sure that you and your partner are not planning on having more children because getting pregnant after getting a mommy makeover would erase all of the results that you got with the procedures.

To maximize your whole experience, you have to make sure that you guys are not planning on getting pregnant again, or else all of your time, cost, and recovery would be all for nothing.

5.     How much time do you have for recovery?

After getting your mommy makeover, you are going to be very uncomfortable so you need to have a plan for your mommy makeover, recovery included. You are going to need to have a person who could help you with your kids and the choirs around the house for the first 2 to 3 days.

6.     What are your ultimate goals in doing this?

As you walk into the clinic of your surgeon, you should already have an idea of your goals and why you are getting a mommy makeover in the first place. This would help you and your surgeon determine your surgical plan. This would mainly depend on the goals that you desire to have and your anatomy.

7.     Are you still breastfeeding?

Usually, you are going to have to make sure that you are not breastfeeding anymore before you get your mommy makeover because surgery could affect your milk glands and affect how much milk you are producing. This would just increase the risk of getting infections, so you have to wait about 6 weeks to 8 weeks after discontinuing breastfeeding before you get the procedures.

Benefits of Mommy Makeover

1.     Dramatic effects

Since you get to do everything at once, you would be able to see a more dramatic effect in a short amount of time compared to when you get all of these procedures separately which would draw out your transformation and recovery time.

If you are wondering about how long the result would last, they have long-lasting results. All you are going to have to do is make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, meaning regular exercise and following a healthy diet.

2.     Replenishing your skin

A flood of hormones would be produced when your body is preparing for pregnancy which would be able to cause so many changes in your body physically, some examples may be loose skin and pigmentation change.

When you get a mommy makeover, then it would be able to restore your confidence by improving your complexion, skin pigmentation, and feels as you restore your youthful skin.

3.     Stretch marks remover

You would get a lot of stretch marks after pregnancy because your body would be stretched as a baby grows in you, leading to you having these stretch marks naturally. This is something you can’t really avoid.

But adding tummy tuck surgery in your mommy makeover plan would be able to help remove some of the stretch marks and the loose skin that is found on your lower abdomen, and when you get some breast procedures, then you could remove some stretch marks on your breast area.

What Should You Expect After a Mommy Makeover in New Orleans

After you get a mommy makeover, you could go back home right after and recover in the comfort of your own home because it is an outpatient procedure. Your surgeon is going to send you home with compression garments and give you a prescription for your pain.

Before you go into the procedure, you have to ask someone to drive you home because you are going to be coming out of anesthesia. You also have to ask someone to stay with you while you are recovering for at least a week. Get someone to help you with taking care of your children, and help you around the house.

You are going to have to come back to the clinic after a week for your first post-op appointment, then they are going to be calling you back at your 2-month mark since this is where they are going to be removing any stitches that you have.

There is going to be a little swelling for the first 2 to 8 weeks, and swelling for 1 to 3 weeks. Any sort of complications are rare, but your surgeon is going to be giving you a few post-op instructions just to make sure that you will recover well. Your compression garments would have to stay on for at least 2 to 3 weeks.