7 Proposal Flowers Available For Online Delivery

Are you planning for a huge surprise for your dear girlfriend on her birthday? Is it your buddy’s house warming party? Are you hunting for fascinating gifts for your parent’s anniversary? If the answer to any of the preceding questions is yes, you must consider good gifting options. Flowers & bouquets have always been a classy and evergreen option for gifting. If you are exploring sending flowers to your cherished ones in India, you are at the best place! However, there are various online flower delivery in Chandigarh services available. So, you want to know the distinct types of flowers available online before you send flowers to someone special. 

Read this article to know more about the distinct types of flowers available for online delivery everywhere in India.


If you explore an elegant proposal flower combination to win someone’s heart, Tulips would undoubtedly do the trick. Although tulips are available online in a rainbow of colours, red tulips signify ‘perfect love’. In fact, in the Victorian language of flowers, giving red tulips to someone expresses confessing your love for that person. This will be the ideal love gift for your lover.


Scarce people know that Sunflowers also make an incredible flower bouquet for a proposal. Yes, a bouquet of bright sunflowers is an abstract floral combination to brighten your love life. So, if you are admiring how to tell your lover that their appearance makes your life happier then, say it with a bouquet of fairy sunflowers.


This category of flowers requires no introduction. Roses are popular, pretty, scented, sweet, and everything else! Be it your best buddy, your lover or your grandfather, & roses are for everyone! There are different shades of roses available online that work for different purposes. You can send blue, pink, red, yellow, & white roses, depending on your event and selection! You can send roses online to show love. Roses have never disappointed to impress anyone. So, you can opt for a lovely bouquet of roses for your loved ones!


Chrysanthemum is also the most famous flower in the world after Rose. According to the Victorian grammar of flowers, Chrysanthemums are acknowledged as the flowers of friendship. So, if you love someone and need to confess your feelings for that person, send them a lovely bouquet of red chrysanthemums that express pure love on this Valentine’s Day.


Carnations have rolled out to be another wise option when it appears to give flowers. Carnations are usually available in colours of pink & yellow. They look beautiful when you arrange them into wreaths. They stay fresh for longer, & thus, your greetings will be recognised for longer! You can enhance the charm and elegance of your bouquet by adding some pink or red carnations to it. You can also draw up carnations with roses & make your cherished one feel truly special. Carnations are also embraced by one and all and are a massive preference for weddings, house warming parties and other celebrations.

Blue Iris

The gorgeous Blue Iris is nostalgic of faith and hope. It has different purposes, but Blue Iris carries deep emotions when given as a gift to someone. And, do you know that the root of the Iris is considered to have mysterious powers, just like the power to attract a new partner? Thus, a bouquet of gorgeous Blue Iris is a classic floral combination to express your most heartfelt emotions to your lover.


You must be enamoured of orchids, aren’t you? Orchids became a massive preference in the country. They conquered the hearts of one and all with their lovely purple colour. Orchids are a classy group of flowers & serve noble purposes. If your girlfriend is upset with you & you need to patch up for it, there can be nothing pleasanter than a bouquet of orchids. Her heart will undoubtedly melt upon seeing the pretty big bunch of orchids that you sent! Orchids are great as corporate gifts also. They work for official and personal purposes pretty well. You can gift them on your parents’ anniversary & see them wallow in their beauty!

Send flowers to your loved ones momentarily! Those are available for online delivery. If you are exploring the online delivery of flowers, various portals can help you do so. So, if you are running new proposal ideas, talk your heart out to your girlfriend in the language of flowers. What are you pausing for then?