7 promotional content ideas for businesses on TikTok

In today’s digital era, different business strategies are changing and becoming more dynamic, one of which is a marketing strategy.

It is no longer a strange thing for business people to shift their marketing strategy to the digital field or commonly known as digital marketing.

Why do TikTok videos for businesses?

The reason is, there are now a lot of digital media that can be used to execute marketing strategies, one of which is social media platforms.

The social media that is exploding right now is TikTok. Currently, there are millions of people using this social network in the world.

This shows that the business opportunity on the social network TikTok is very attractive. Therefore, creating a TikTok account and promoting your business on TikTok is one of the right marketing steps at this time.

However, you may be confused about creating content for your business TikTok account later on. What kind of content ideas can get the attention of more potential customers and possibly promote your business?

Calm down, don’t worry. Because in the article below, we will tell you some content ideas to promote your business on TikTok. 

7 TikTok Ideas Video for Business


Tours are one of the coolest content ideas and a great way to get to know your audience more. Not many business people know that this type of content is liked by the audience.

Showing off your workplace or business office is not much different than inviting guests into your home. Take your potential clients around and see your favorite spots at work.

Shows how you manage your workspace or office, and shows what type of “battle gear” you use. Instantly, your audience will know half of your business with this workspace tour content idea.

Behind the scenes

The next content idea you can use to promote your business on TikTok is behind the scenes or BTS. Who doesn’t know this term today? Surely everyone already knows and is familiar with it.

In this day and age, people are starting to care about what goes on behind the products they will consume. They became curious about the ingredients used and how it was prepared.

Answer their curiosity with behind-the-scenes content. You can take video during production and you can also show that the materials used are quality and selected materials.

That way, your potential customers may place undue trust in your business and will feel closer to you.


Educational content about a business is also starting to gain popularity.

However, of course, not ordinary educational content is synonymous with long talks, boring topics and looking dry.

Instead, short educational content is packaged in a way that looks interesting, engaging, and is easily accepted by many people.

Create educational content relevant to your industry.

For example, if your business is in the fabric and apparel industry, you can create content about the types of fabrics that exist in the world, what their pros and cons are, and their differences.

If your business is a photography business, then you can create content for the names of photography styles, world-famous photographers, etc. 

Make the most of all the features offered by TikTok to create this content such as FAQ, video listicle, text, and even background support.

The right educational content will be able to attract more engagement, and of course, you can include low-priced video captions.


So far, tutorial content ideas are still one of the coolest content ideas to promote your business on social media, including on TikTok. Not all of your customers actually know how to use or care about the products they buy.

So here’s your chance to educate them by creating instructional content and make them loyal customers.

The “how-to” content is generally appropriate for business lines that produce real products. Let’s say if you work in the fashion industry, then you can create videos on how to mix & match clothes, how to wash jeans properly or how to care for silk clothes.

Also don’t forget to use features from TikTok itself like text support, popular music, and hashtags according to video content.

The Hashtag Challenge

TikTok is an archive of viral content and challenging content.

Yes, TikTok residents really like this kind of content idea. Challenge content is a type of content that takes on a particular challenge.

You can also use this challenging content to promote your business. The trick is to take one of your products to the challenge.

Business advertising on TikTok using this type of content is still very good. Because in addition to watching, people also tend to like to download TikTok videos to share back with their community. They will use a TikTok downloader to download videos, such as TikMate, DownTik, … those download TikTok videos without watermark for free. This will be an opportunity to increase the coverage of your promotional video. 

To bring this content idea to life, you also don’t need to start or create a new challenge. Simply follow or recreate content from already popular challenges on TikTok.

Some of the challenges you can try include the Refrigerator Challenge, the Brush Challenge, the Any Song Challenge, and more. Don’t forget to write common hashtags that match your product.


Packaging is one of the important processes in an online business besides the manufacturing process. This is because the packaging is the main factor that determines the safety of the product when it reaches the buyer.

Create a video that showcases your customer’s product packaging process and shows how you treat their product. That way, they’ll have more confidence in your efforts.

In addition, this content idea also has a higher chance of entering the FYP on the accounts of people who are interested in pursuing the small business niche. For some of them, the content is even oddly satisfying to watch.


The ultimate content idea that can be used to grow a business on TikTok is testimonial content.

Before deciding to buy a product, potential buyers will definitely search and see previous customer testimonials.

In addition to being able to create regular testimonial videos that show chats or messages from happy customers, you can also create unusual testimonial content by pairing or duet directly with customers’ mine.

Above are 7 content ideas to promote your business on TikTok that you can start creating a marketing strategy for your business.

Hopefully after reading the above content ideas, will help you in building promotional content to market your business.