Fort Lauderdale is a famous city that sees a lot of tourist traffic. This tourist traffic in Fort Lauderdale leads to negligence and accidents. People in Fort Lauderdale are aware that they can claim compensation for most of the common personal injury events in Fort Lauderdale. But people should understand that they can file a lawsuit whenever they face negligence. No matter how minor your injuries are or how bizarre your case sounds, you can file a case. Here are some unusual personal injury cases you should know about to know the extent of personal injury law.

1. Electrocuted Burglar

Jessie Ingram, the proprietor of a bar in Aurora, Illinois, never imagined that a handmade security system he installed would wind up working against him. Larry Harris, 37, made an attempt at breaking in one evening. He was electrocuted by Ingram’s security gadget while high on narcotics and booze. The thief filed a lawsuit for damages, and the judge fined Ingram $70,000.

2. Fear of Colorado Cookies

One wonderful day, two teenagers in their Colorado neighbourhood decided to surprise their neighbours by baking cookies for everyone. They paid $900 for it, but the people who had the gifts delivered to their door paid nothing. It was described by one woman as a terrible encounter. She experienced severe anxiety at the sight of the enigmatic cookies left at her door, so she called the police and reported having experienced an anxiety attack as a result of the two teens’ cookie offer. She filed a lawsuit against them both.

3. A Pitiful Day at Work

Gregory Roach and Gordon Falker, two carpet layers in Akron, Ohio, were working when an adhesive bottle unexpectedly exploded. Whether they ignored the label’s warning “Do Not Use Indoors, Because Of Flammability,” or simply ignored it is irrelevant. But when they finally made the decision to use it, it exploded, severely burning them because it was so close to the water heater. In the lawsuit they filed against the business, Para-Chem, they were awarded $8 million.

4. Seatbelt Struggle

In 1992, Karen Norman was trying to turn around in her car when she unintentionally backed down a boat ramp into an estuary in Texas. She had been drinking a lot. She couldn’t get her seat belt off in time and drowned. Her car manufacturer, Honda, was judged to be 75% at fault by the court, and damages were set at $65 million.

5. Hot Coffee

In 1992, Stella Liebeck filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s after spilling coffee that was purportedly 180–190 degrees Fahrenheit. Her pelvic area sustained third-degree burns as a result of the spill. McDonald’s coffee was considerably too hot, according to Liebeck’s attorney, and was more likely to result in serious damage than coffee from other places. $6 million was paid to Liebeck outside of court.

6. The Dejected Thief

Former Illinois Department of Public Aid employee Richard Schick filed a lawsuit against the company in 2003, alleging sexual and disability discrimination. Along with $5 million, he demanded $166,700 in back pay. He became so depressed over it that he made the decision to rob a convenience store with a shotgun. He claimed that he did it while feeling depressed. A jury ultimately gave him the money he requested after sensing his suffering.

7. Accounting For Fear

A man named Austin Aitken filed a $2.5 million personal injury lawsuit against NBC in 2005 after viewing an episode of Fear Factor, which he said caused him to throw up and crash into a wall. He became enraged when he saw participants eating rats that had been ground up in a blender. After the incident, he claimed his blood pressure spiked, and he lost awareness of his surroundings. The court dismissed the case.


Consulting a personal injury attorney carries no risk. It might be challenging to know exactly what to do or who to turn to when confronted with distressing circumstances. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with an experienced, sympathetic, and reliable law firm if you need legal advice.