7 Great Advantages of Fire-rated Doors

Fire breakout is one of those hazards that occurs in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Where you could be having lots of valuable materials in your building—be it documents, clothing, furniture, etc—you won’t want to lose everything just to a hazard that you would have prepared for.

Having a fire extinguisher, fire alarm, or smoke detection won’t be enough. 

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Consider sealing your fate by having fire-rated doors in all the rooms of your building. Especially when you include fire-rated walls and floors in addition to the fire-rated doors, you will have the fire contained in the single place where the fire had started until you can escape and possibly put it off. With this, you have greatly helped prevent the spread to other apartments in your building.

What is a Fire-rated Door?

A fire-rated door is a door that has a significant rate of fire resistance. In other words, a fire-rated door can contain a fire for at least 30 minutes and more up to 90 minutes, preventing its wild spread to other apartments of the building.

Ratings of Fire-rated Doors

The rating of a fire-rated door is given according to how long the material used for the door can hold fire enough for the occupants to vacate the area.

The rating is given in the form of A, B, or C. And the quality of its fire-resistivity increases from C to A. This means that a door with a rating of A has the highest fire-resisting ability and C has the lowest fire-resisting ability.

How Do I Identify a fire-rated door?

Identifying a true fire-rated door is as important as not wanting to be ripped off by a counterfeit door.

To identify the true fire-rated door, please make sure you check for the third-party certification schemes like BM TRADA, Certifire, IFC group, and so on.

7 Advantages of Fire-rated Door

  1. In case of a fire emergency, fire-rated doors provide sufficient grace to the occupants to leave the scene of the fire outbreak.
  2. Since your whole apartment won’t be burnt down, as fire-rated doors prevent the door-to-door spread of fire, it therefore, prevents total loss of your property.
  3. Smoke and other toxic gases are prevented from spreading everywhere. With this, air pollution due to the fire outbreak in an area of your building won’t escape endangering your health.
  4. The sturdy and toughness of fire-rated doors will also protect your house from intruders and burglars. This is in addition to its fire-protection benefit.
  5. Fire-rated doors provide a soundproof system due to their thick and heavy nature. With this, sounds made from one room are prevented from getting to the next room.

The door is high-quality due to its thick and heavy appearance. If you are into house sales or leasing, this is an advantage to confirm the social and economic quality of your landed property.

In addition to its quality look, the fire-resistant door is pleasing to the eye. It is aesthetically pleasing.