7 gift ideas for Bhai dooj

India, a nation which celebrates all its relationships. Bhai dooj is one of them. It is a festival of brother and sister. It is similar to rakshabandhan. It is celebrated one day after Diwali. It is celebrated with different names and ways in different parts of India.

On Bhai dooj, sisters invite their brother for a lavish meal which includes their brother’s favourite dishes and desserts. 

The whole point of this festival is to signify the role of a brother in his sister’s life. He is her protector, savior and her supporter throughout life. 

Everyone dresses beautifully for the occasion. The ceremony is carried forward by sister’s performing aarti of their brothers and then applying tika on their brother’s forehead with two-three grains of rice. Traditionally, this day is meant as a blessing for brothers. All the sisters pray for their brother’s long , healthy , and happy life. And brother’s treat their sisters with gifts. 

Regional names

Bhai dooj 

In the entire Northern India, this festival is known as Bhai dooj. It is celebrated on the next day of Vishwakarma,which is the day after Diwali. 

Bhai phonta

Bhai dooj is known as bhai phonta in West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and  Bangladesh.

Bhai Jiuntia

Bhai dooj is known as bhai jiuntia only in Western Odisha.

Bhau Beej, or Bhav Bij or Bhai Beej 

Bhai dooj is known by these names in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and Karnataka. 

Here’s a list of 7 gift items to give your brothers this bhai dooj

Living with a brother is the best yet most difficult thing in this world. They are your best friends and worst enemies. They make you cry and annoy you 24*7 but can’t see you being hurt by someone else. So, let’s celebrate this fun frenemy bond with gifts. But finding gifts is really difficult and can be a mess at times and we understand that. Therefore we have listed the some of the best bhai dooj gift ideas for brother which you can consider this bhaiya dooj. Here we go!

Beard Oil 

Bhai dooj comes generally at the end of October or in the beginning of  November. So, make his NO-SHAVE-NOVEMBER a blessing. Gift him a beard oil to help him grow his beard with his bhai dooj present. A good beard would make him look dashing and dope. He will always feel grateful for your gift. 

Customised Cups 

If you also have a brother who is a coffee/tea addict then this is the best gift for him. You can give him a cup with a custom message or his pictures on it. Everyone morning while having a sip of his drink, he would feel happy and loved by you. You can write any message, it can be a thought or your wish or his favourite dialogue or maybe his girlfriend’s name on it. 


Boys love nothing more than their shoes. Shoes are their first and absolute love. Then why not give your brother a pair of his favourite shoes? You can give him sport shoes, formal shoes, sneakers, jordans etc. It will make him immensely happy. 

Men’s Grooming Kit

We all are familiar with this and we all know how men don’t care about their skin and themselves at all. This, let’s gift them something to pamper themselves and make them feel relaxed and good. A Grooming Kit is something which will work perfectly. It is super useful and will enhance their skin and keep it healthy. 

Waterproof Speakers

Boys love gadgets, especially young ones. Speakers are something no one can say no to. We humans love music and it is an escape for many therefore giving speakers can prove to be pretty impressive. The waterproof speakers are more durable and can be connected without the need of any wires. They can get easily connected through Bluetooth. They are portable and can be taken out anywhere whether at a pool party with friends or a picnic with family.


If you have a brother then you absolutely know how foodie brothers are. They want food all the time. Then why not give them their favourite snacks? Hampers are the modern way of saying  love you. This bhai dooj gift your brother a big hamper with all his favourite drinks and snacks so that he can eat whenever he wants to


A classic and most stylish gift is a watch. It might sound old fashioned but watches are the best option while gifting to your brothers. Nowadays,watches are available in different designs and colours. And smartwatch is something you should go for. It’s new, classy and fun at the same time. Your brother would love it!