7 cute gifts to surprise your best buddy

Best friends are the only family that we get to choose. True, they might not share our blood, but the bond between best friends is so much stronger and deeper than most other relations. Various countries like India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and UAE celebrate friendship day on the first Sunday of August to strengthen the bonds they have with their besties.

If you also need to gift something cute to your best buddy, here are seven ideas for you.

1. Cider hamper

Are you and your bestie cider lovers? Then why not gift them a premium hamper containing Australia’s finest cider? It costs $100 and comes with apple cider of the finest quality. You can even send your friend a custom message on a card that comes with the hamper.

The hamper doesn’t just contain five bottles of cider; there are also savoury packets of nut mix, jerky, and wafers. The packaging is completely biodegradable, which is another big plus.

2. Name A Star

This “One in a Universe” gift costs $49 and is truly a special gift for your special one. Thanks to this set, your friend can literally name any star they want after their own name to mark an important date. Further, you can also name a star together to preserve the precious bond you both have.

This set comes with registry papers to officially name any star you want, as well as astronomical details to locate that star in the sky. After you register using the sheets, you can post it using the card given in the set and confirm the naming!

3. Wallet

A great gift for your best buddy is a  Hentley wallet. A wallet is a great way to store your cash, credit cards, and other important items. It’s a practical and stylish gift that will surely be appreciated.

4. Creativity book

Is your best buddy a creative genius? Then give them the 365 Days Of Creativity book. Priced at just $23, this book comes with quotes and prompts to make your friend think creative stories and set goals for themselves.

Even if your friend has writer’s block, this wonderful book will surely make them spread their storytelling wings and think out-of-the-box. There are 352 pages inside the book, one page for each day of imagination and goal-setting.

5. Facial massagers

For the best friend that swears by skincare, a set of facial massagers is a must-have. The Chill Globes massagers are for $25 and give you the perfect spa vibes right at home!

If your friend wants to make their skin look lifted and radiant, all they have to do is rub these chilled massagers gently all over their face to reduce redness or puffiness.

These globe-shaped massage tools are calming, soothing, and very easy to operate. Just store them in the fridge when they aren’t being used, and take them out a few minutes prior to using them. Help your bestie say goodbye to saggy under eyes and sullen face with this massager!

6. Balderdash

Want to upgrade your game night with your buddy? Then gift them Balderdash- a hilarious board game where you make up nonsensical answers and try to convince your friend they’re true! This bluffing game set comes with a game board, game pieces, a scorepad, and a die.

There are various clues strewn all over 5 categories and can be played for as long as an hour. It costs just $35, a big steal in terms of other overly-priced board games, and is guaranteed to make the two of you cry of laughter.

7. Cocktail shaker

If your best friend is a bartender or has an awesome bar at home, a cocktail shaker is a must. The Glass Cocktail shaker set comes for $49 and contains a glass base, shaker and pourer, matching gold jigger, and a stylish velvet bag.

Your friend can now become the host of the year with this classy cocktail shaker set that is sure to turn heads!

Over to you…

While it’s true that friendship can’t be measured in terms of gifts, it doesn’t hurt to let your best friend know how much you love them.

Any one of these seven gorgeous gifts will make your buddy feel special and cherished, no matter the occasion. You can buy unique gifts online or even explore your nearby stores. So go ahead, surprise your buddy today!