7 Cliches About Live Casino Games You Should Avoid

If you’re like us, then you love playing casino games. We don’t know about you, but we’ve seen some pretty ridiculous stuff that people say about these games–some myths are persistent and downright hard to shake off.

Cliches are incredibly frustrating when they are paired with bad advice or poorly worded statements. But don’t worry; we’ve compiled the top five cliches about these games that should definitely be avoided!

1. Live Casino Games are Just Luck

This myth is easily disproved by the sheer odds of winning in these types of casino games–and remember, luck is always on your side when it comes to live dealers! On average, players who play live roulette will win 20-25% of their spins for a total win rate of 1 out of every 4 bets placed. The overall casino house edge is around 0.5%, so the effective house edge is 1/4th of a percent or 1/20th of the actual amount.

The more popular casino games like craps and baccarat will experience an effective house edge of closer to 3-5%, which is even less than the overall casino industry average of around 5.5%. While live dealer games do have some skill elements to them, especially roulette, you can find a good strategy in almost every game!

2. Live Casino Games Are Only For Beginners

After reading this article, you’re probably curious about the basic requirements for playing live casino games. You need a computer that’s connected to the internet and an internet connection, as well as a real money account that’s linked to your player account. You’ll also need to be familiar with using the different betting options that are offered. This is definitely a myth that comes from the fact that live casino games are incredibly new, and they’re gaining popularity at a rapid pace.

So, do you need experience? Well, no, you don’t need it–but it may help! These games depend on luck and strategy in equal measure, so we’d recommend getting the hang of playing the different games with play money or via flash casino sites before playing for real money.

3. You Can’t Go Online To Learn About Live Casino Games

Phew! We’re glad that you’re not angry about this statement because it’s just not true! Connect with Google if you want to know the basics of these games. You’ll find that some of these games are pretty simple to master and that they work on a risk vs. reward ratio. There are tons of informative sites that offer information, reviews and guides on the subject. Many such places are even developed for specific regions or countries, taking in account the laws of the area, such an example is 22bet philippines. You simply need to explore different strategies and let the odds take care of themselves. That makes sense on paper, but it’s next to impossible to stick with! Live dealer games are incredibly addicting, so it can be hard not to want to play more and more.

But you should definitely avoid the temptation of keeping on playing until you win if you lose a bet–the odds are against you, and you’ll regret it in the end! Since these games revolve around luck and strategy, your best bets are those that rely heavily on strategy. Things like roulette or baccarat will give a much better chance of winning if you use a smart betting strategy.

4. It’s A Bad Idea To Bet Your Savings Account On Live Casino Games

At first glance, this statement may seem logical…but it doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. It’s probably true that it’s a bad idea to bet your savings account on these games. However, it is possible to find scenarios where this is acceptable. If you’re playing at one of the more legitimate online casinos, then the chances are good that you’re playing against the house and not the other players–and in that case, you can even use your savings account as an “insurance policy” for when you lose!

5. You Can’t Win At Live Casino Games

This is one of the most common misconceptions around live dealer games, but it simply isn’t true. The house will always have an advantage, which is why you should avoid this type of game when it’s your only option. It’s great for learning more about casino games or betting on sports, but not so much for winning anything substantial, though you may still hit a few big wins along the way!

You can always win extra money if you’re playing with someone else in a casino game that doesn’t have an edge that’s too great–like at many online casinos or real money sites that are based in the USA. Just remember that if you’re having fun, you’re doing it right! Not every gamble is a winner, but even hitting one jackpot is well worth the time and effort to find the best live casino games!

6. Live Casino Games Cannot Produce an Average Return Like a Traditional Casino

This is a bit of a mind twist since the overall return of a live casino game is actually higher than an average casino game. The best way to think of this statement is to consider each game individually. For example, consider the case of blackjack: The house edge for blackjack in a casino is around 1.75%. However, that’s just the average house edge for one random card in the deck–not that the card influences your decision.

If you’re playing at a casino with a 3% house edge and you’re drawing 17 cards, then your expected winnings are 3 x 0.0075 = 0.3125, while the actual winnings are 4 x 0.004 = 0.1666. While these are both 0.3125, the fact that you’re twice as likely to win in live casino games helps to balance out the edge that the house has over you!

7. Live Dealer Games are Only For High Rollers

This is another myth that’s rooted in truth, but it doesn’t hold up under scrutiny! Indeed, casinos don’t really cater to low rollers since they tend to be smaller bets, but online casino games are different! The only reason low rollers wouldn’t be interested in playing live dealer roulette or blackjack is that they’d have to play for fun. But why would they?

The best way to have fun is to have fun doing something that you enjoy, and that’s what live dealer games are all about! If you want to play roulette simply because it’s a fun game, then go ahead–and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! It doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have to spend. As long as you’re having fun, the only thing that matters is enjoying yourself!


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that live casino games are a whole new world of gambling that most people haven’t experienced yet. It can be a bit daunting to try out something completely different, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the games involved.

But it is a lot of fun! And with all of the effects and different cameras involved in playing these types of games, you’ll never get bored playing at an online casino site.