7 Cleaning Mistakes Everyone Makes

Cleaning your home is challenging enough. But, if you are someone making mistakes while doing so, cleaning can become a considerable burden. So, here are 7 cleaning mistakes from Tidyhere everyone makes, and you can easily avoid making home cleaning easier. 

Cleaning windows on a sunny day

Usually, it might sound like a great idea to clean the windows from outside on a day. Because naturally, the windows will dry a lot quicker, and you should have a clean window. However, what happens here is that the cleaning solution dries too quickly on the glass, leaving streaky marks. So, try cleaning windows on a cooler and cloudy day without direct sun.

Using harsh chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners bought from the store are convenient for cleaning. But have you ever thought about its harmful effects on your skin or the surface? Often these chemical cleaners can permanently damage the surface you are applying them on, especially wooden furniture. Also, the chemicals can be harmful to your skin too. 

Scrubbing dirty carpet or upholstery

Stains happen every day, and it’s very typical. Whether it’s because of dust, wine stain or coffee stain, or any other reason, we get to scrub the carpet or upholstery to get rid of the stains. While scrubbing is a very tempting thing to do in that situation, it can permanently damage the carpet or upholstery. So instead, you can use a clean towel to bloat the stain and remove it slowly.  

Using spray cleaners on electronic displays

This is another common mistake a lot of people out there make. Using a spray cleaner to clean the display on your device might seem pretty logical. However, it can damage your display in seconds if the cleaner is incorrect. When you realize your mistake, it might be too late. So, make sure you use rubbing alcohol or a dedicated cleaner for display.

Wet mopping wooden floor

Mopping your wooden floor might seem logical, just like a regular tiles floor. However, doing it can permanently damage your wooden floor, and it’s simply unnecessary. So instead, you can dust and vacuum the floor and mop with a barely damp cloth. 

Putting the toilet brush in the holder before drying

Most of the toilet brushes we use come with a holder. When you quickly use the toilet brush and put it back, you often forget to dry it. As a result, the water and germs remaining in the brush can accumulate in the holder and breed further. When you use it next, you rub the toilet with germs again. 

Not following a plan or routine

Cleaning your home is a massive task, and you must be disciplined to finish everything in time. Unfortunately, many people make this mistake and start cleaning in random order. You must follow a particular order or plan if you want to clean your home successfully. For example, you should start cleaning from the top of the room and work your way to the bottom.