7 Christmas Fun Facts

Jesus is the reason for the season

Christmas is generally meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The 25th of December was chosen as the date by the Roman church to commemorate the birth of Christ all over the world.

Xmas is meant to say Christmas

In Greek, the word Christmas begins with “x”. this prompted many to shorten the name Christmas to x-mass.

Santa did not always wear red and white

The company Coca-Cola brought about the red and white theme for Santa. Initially, Santa wore clothes with colors like green, blue or purple. Thanks to Coca-Cola, ho-ho-ho comes in red and white and children love this. For more holidays and Christmas quizzes visit Quiz Beez.

Christmas symbolizes eternal life and love

Christmas comes in three major colors, red, green, white, and gold. All these colors have meaning, with red being the bloodshed on the cross, and green symbolizes life, white is the purity of Jesus Christ, and gold symbolizes royalty.

Santa deserves gifts too

Santa usually comes bearing gifts for children and anyone who might be interested. However, did you know Santa deserves gifts too? Yes, he deserves gifts and if you are wondering from whom, you are the answer. Be sure to gift this coming Christmas.

Christmas stocking hang on does can be worn

The red and white stocking hang-on does during Christmas can be worn. Factually, they are warm and cozy to wear during winter in the Christmas season.

Christmas cards show love

Many individuals give and receive cards during Christmas. These cards are meant to carry love and joy to the people who receive them