7 Best Jobs and Opportunities for Girls

In general, it is impossible to divide professions into male and female. But honestly, we all know that women’s and men’s hobbies are a little different. That’s why we have created a list that will help students or those who are preparing for it to choose a profession that is in demand in the future.

Art evaluator

Higher education in the field of art and a broad artistic outlook will enable you to master this new profession, the essence of which lies in the ability to evaluate artworks in non-standard formats. As a rule, we are talking about contemporary art objects for which no clear principles of their evaluation have been established yet.

Nevertheless, this sphere is constantly evolving, new trends appear, and cultural baggage accumulates. An art appraiser needs to understand existing trends, compare different works, predict their level of demand in the market, and set an initial price to sell at exhibitions and auctions.


So far, only professionals in the fields of genetics, bioengineering, and biomedicine are familiar with this rare specialty. The development of new technologies in these fields has raised the question of the preservation of humanity’s fundamental moral values. A bioethicist is concerned with the formation of ethical norms that will be relevant against the backdrop of the widespread introduction of modern technologies of intervention in the human body. By the way, students are really afraid of this field because they think that studying biology is so hard. Yes, maybe it is but you can always use biology homework help for first time or ask groupmates for explanation.

Emotion Designer

The activity of this specialist is aimed at creating certain feelings in the consumers of content. To solve this task he can use new channels of influence on users, non-standard ways of information delivery, actual achievements of digital technology. To become a professional in this field a girl will need basic knowledge of psychology, physiology, and human anatomy, as well as a creative approach to achieving the goal.

Personal aesthetic development tutor

A girl with a professional background in art, history, and architecture can provide services to people who want to broaden their horizons in these areas and are willing to pay for it. A personal tutor selects literature, exhibitions, and concerts according to a client’s cultural needs and financial means.

As a rule, we are talking about wealthy people who do not have enough time to deeply immerse themselves in the study of a particular style, trend, or historical era. The tutor prepares for them a summary of the topic, illustrated with suitable images, movies, and TV shows.

Molecular Nutritionist

The scientific approach to formulating a diet based on the personal characteristics of the body is becoming more and more in demand, so more nutritionists and molecular nutritionists will soon be needed. Their task is to develop a menu for a specific person, based on genetic analysis data, physiological characteristics, and lifestyle. With time this specialty will surely become one of the most demanded professions in Russia for girls and women.

Park ecologist

The growth of cities is accompanied by the emergence of new public spaces – parks, squares, alleys, for the maintenance of which specialists are needed in optimal condition. The responsibilities of a park ecologist include the development and implementation of measures to create artificially landscaped areas in the metropolis, to populate them with birds, animals, and insects.

Designing new fabrics

The evident tendency to replace natural materials with synthetic ones, which are becoming more and more expensive, leads to the demand for specialists who will create new fabrics. Girls with degrees in chemistry, physics, human physiology, and programming will be able to master such a profession. We know that some of them are not really into science. But using physics help, then practice, then searching giving its results.

The priority will be smart materials – capable of self-cleaning, storing solar energy, dirt- and water-repellent, glow in the dark.

Of course, the list of professions is not limited to those listed above. Some new specialties will appear, but the ones that have always been in demand will remain. The main thing here is to try to choose the most appropriate path for yourself, in full accordance with your interests.