7 Beach Hacks You’ve Got to Try This Summer

Going to the beach and soaking in the sun can be a great way to relax, enjoy time with friends and family, or take a load off. In fact, according to new research, spending some quality time at the beach can have positive effects on your mental health.

spicejet flight pnr status According to the study, nearly 75 percent of Americans will go to the beach to relieve stress. And another 80 percent admitted being in a better mood after getting to the beach.

If you plan to get to the beach this summer, keep reading to learn the best beach hacks to make sure you have the best time by the water.

1. Frozen Water Bottles

This life hack is as old as time, but we can all agree that the idea of having an ice-cold water on the beach is enough to make you want to pack up the car and head there now. The night before you plan on going, stick a few water bottles in the freezer, and you can pack them in the cooler to help keep everything else cold. By the time you are ready to drink it, it will be perfectly melted and still cold. Besides this, customwater.com has an amazing variety of customised water bottles. So pay a visit if you are interested in buying them.

2. Use a Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet beach hack is another beach day tip that you simply can’t leave the house without. You can set the fitted sheet up at the beach and keep any unwanted sand from entering the space. Try setting it up with items like the cooler, bags or backpacks, and anything else heavy.

3. Try Baby Powder

There is nothing worse than having a fun day at the beach only to get sand all over the interior of your car. For a simple fix, try putting some baby powder on your skin and rub it off along with the sand. The baby powder will help absorb any excess moisture, making it easier for the sand to rub off.

4. Find Creative Hiding Spots for Valuables

While enjoying your time by the water, the last thing you want is to have to worry about things like your cell phone, wallet, and keys. Luckily, there are now clever solutions to hide your valuables.

They make items such as fake lotion containers or chapstick that is hollowed out to put your valuables in. They look just like the real thing and would fool anyone.

5. Keep Your Drinks Cold

A hot sunny day by the beach requires cold crisp drinks to cool off with. At the beach, having a koozie like Neoprene keeps your beer cold and can also keep the sand off it. The best part of all, it’s collapsible and can be stored just about anywhere!

Put These Beach Hacks to Good Use

After the past year or so, many people could not take a vacation and get out of the house. Now that things are beginning to reopen, there is no better time to take some time off. And what better getaway vacation than going to the beach to relax and clear your head.

If you would like to learn more about beach hacks and other cool vacation tips, check out the travel section of our blog!