6 Ways To Make Potentiate Kratom

It is a common belief that a strain with enhanced potency shows more promising effects than a natural strain. Kratom is long known for their analgesic, anti-diarrheic, anti-inflammatory properties. It comes in a great variety of Kratom strains representing their own health promising potentials.

Kratom is a natural herb that is found native to SouthEast Asia. It has been long used as a natural ingredient to treat chronic pains. The Kratom leaf powder is consumed in the form of Kratom tea as a herbal supplement. With varied doses, it can be used both as a sedative and stimulant.

To get maximum of the potent herb. It is very much necessary to devise ways to enhance the effects of Kratom.

What Do You Mean by Kratom Potentiator?

Potentiator is any active ingredient that, on mixing with anything, results in enhanced effect of that particular material. Kratom potentiator includes spices, fruits, drugs and many chemicals. The Kratom potentiators not only just increase the benefit but also reduce Kratom’s side effects.

They regulate Kratom metabolism by controlling the action of Cytochrome P450 enzymes.

How to Enhance the Effect of Kratom?

There are multiple food combinations made by the people who eagerly take Kratom in order to enhance the effects. It is done often  by mixing them with other botanicals, chemicals or spices.

The common Kratom-enhancing combination includes:


Turmeric is one of the best spices used by early people to treat wounds or to fight against cancer. You can easily get this spice as it is readily available in your kitchens. According to the research, combining Kratom with turmeric creates an intensifying effect on the nerves.

Both the herbs in combinations are also used to treat chronic inflammation of tendons and ligaments. In addition to this, it is also found that combining Kratom with turmeric reduces the side effects linked to Kratom.

As far as their mechanism of action is concerned, curcumin present in turmeric reduces the metabolism of Kratom carried by cytochrome P450 in the liver. By this, the system retains the long-lasting effect of Kratom herb on the brain.

Lastly, you can use turmeric with whatever strain you want.


Grapefruit juice is used with multiple medications and supplements as it increases their bioavailability. This is again down by down regulating the cytochrome P3A4 enzymes present in the small intestine.

Its high vitamin-C content further aids the efficacy of Kratom supplements. The refreshing effect of grapefruit and other citrus fruits reduces the bitter taste of some Kratom strains.

In addition to this, the increased antioxidant profile of citrus fruits ameliorates the potentials of Kratom.  This method of Kratom potentiation increases the Kratom alkaloid content thus increasing their absorption into the bloodstream.

Chamomile Tea

If you are looking for enhanced Kratom experience, then chamomile is your thing. It is one of the best traditional teas used for decades.

People consider chamomile tea as the best natural extract to promote good sleep. In addition to this, this tea renders a pacifying effect to aggravated nerves. Potentiating Kratom with chamomile enhances the associated sedative effect of Kratom strain. Both the agents give an analgesic effect onto the brain. Mixing them in the form of tea helps to regulate the pH of the stomach.

Combining chamomile tea with Kratom is also used to treat sore throat and disrupted sleep-wake cycle.

Cayenne Pepper

Pepper family is long known for enhancing the detoxing potential of the liver. Potentiating Kratom with cayenne pepper lowers the incidence of Kratom tolerance. In addition to this, combining Kratom with pepper comes with additional benefits associated with cayenne pepper. It includes:

·  Weight loss

·  Saliva production

·  Discomfort relief


Caffeine is an active ingredient in both tea and coffee which makes it the best beverage to treat lethargy. Combining Kratom with caffeine helps to increase the effects rendered by Kratom which includes increased focus, alertness and energy.

If you want to stay motivated, grab yourself a Kratom brewed coffee or a chamomile tea. To further enhance the effects, avoid using sugar as it comes with multiple side effects. Instead, switch it with some natural sweetener such as stevia extract.

Freezing Kratom Strains

It is backed with enough research that freezing Kratom concentrates its alkaloid profile. Thus, ameliorating its alkaloid associated benefits. Freezing of Kratom ruptures the Kratom cell wall thus releasing alkaloids.

Valerian Root

This herb belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family native to Europe and Asia. Combining Kratom and Valerian root works great. Valerian root is rich with alkaloids and essential oils. You can get a good sleep by combining both these herbs. Potentiating Kratom capsules with valerian roots is one common practice by the Kratom users. In addition to this, green and red vein Kratom strains are preferred for this combination.

But it is very important to take the safe doses in consideration while taking both in combination. As increased intakes are also associated with toxicity.

Timing Of Using Potentiators

It is very important to take the time in consideration while using potentiators with Kratom strains. It is recommended that the potentiating herbs should be consumed 45 minutes prior to Kratom ingestion. This is als done to prevent the submission of each other’s benefits. This helps to optimise the effect and to reduce the side effects of the Kratom family.

 Note: Avoid using two or mode potentiators simultaneously with Kratom. A combination  should be used keeping in view the effect of absorption rate of each on others. One additive might result in reduced or inhibited absorption of the other additive.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t yet tried enhanced Kratom strains, try the above discussed potentiators to get your enhanced effects. Lastly, all the potentiators are all organic and natural, which makes them less harmful. Even if your Kratom effect isn’t enhanced the individual effect associated with each of it will be of great help at the end.