6 Ways to Brighten Up a Windowless Bathroom

When you walk into a windowless bathroom, it is hard to feel refreshed and awake. The lack of natural light can make the space seem depressing and gloomy. However, there are many ways that you can brighten up your windowless bathroom so that it feels more welcoming and open! In this article, we will discuss six techniques for adding light to a small, dark bathroom.

1) Use whiter tiles.

One way to brighten up a windowless bathroom is by using whiter tiles. White tiles reflect light much better than darker colours, so they can make the room feel significantly brighter. If your bathroom currently has dark tiles, consider swapping them out for a lighter colour. For the best-quality tiles, be sure to only buy bathroom tiles made by trusted brands.

You don’t have to replace all of the tiles in order to see a difference—even just changing the tile around the sink or shower can help brighten up the space. Plus, white tiles are always in style and will never go out of fashion.

2) Use mirrors on opposing walls.

One great way to add light and create a larger appearance in your bathroom is by adding mirrors on the opposing walls. Mirrors have this amazing ability of creating depth, so you can actually trick people into thinking that your windowless bathroom is much bigger than it really is.

When placing these mirrors, make sure they are higher up or at an angle so that more natural light reflects off them instead of being absorbed by the mirror itself. Placing one mirror over the sink will give off enough reflected light for both sides!

You could also place floor-length mirrors right outside your shower/tub area—just be careful not to slip when getting out. This extra bit of brightness can help keep things fun even during hectic mornings where time seems to be flying by.

3) Use light fixtures with mirrors. 

Another way to reflect more natural light into your windowless bathroom is by using light fixtures with mirrors. These types of fixtures not only provide extra illumination, but they also help spread the light around the room evenly. This is especially helpful in smaller bathrooms where one area may be significantly brighter than another.

Just make sure that when selecting a light fixture with a mirror that it is large enough to reflect all of the available natural light. You don’t want any dark spots in your newly brightened bathroom!

4) Install indoor plants.

Indoor plants are a great way to add some life and vibrancy to your windowless bathroom. Plants not only help brighten up the space, but they can also improve air quality by removing harmful toxins from the air around you!

When selecting an indoor plant, it is important that you choose one that has similar light requirements as your bathroom does. For example, if your room gets little sunlight, then opt for something like a peace lily or spider ivy instead of pothos or dieffenbachia, which require much more direct light exposure. 

These types of plants should be kept in indirect sunlight at all times, especially if their leaves start looking pale yellowish-green. Indoor plants will give off enough reflected natural light so that you don’t have to rely on harsh artificial lighting.

5) Add artwork or decorations.

Adding artwork or decorations to your windowless bathroom will give the space a more personalised feel and make it seem much brighter. When selecting pieces, you should opt for colours that are similar in tone as the lightest area of your room’s wall colour. This way, they won’t look out of place when placed next to one another.

You can also consider adding colourful accessories like towels or bath mats if there is too much white/beige/grey in your current décor. Adding pops of colour is an easy way to brighten up any drab home without breaking the bank on redecorating everything entirely!

6) Paint with lighter colours

Painting your windowless bathroom with lighter colours is a great way to brighten up the space without putting in much effort. If you have dark walls, consider opting for an off-white or beige colour instead.

The reason why painting the room white will help so much is because it reflects all available light and can actually turn gloomy rooms into brighter ones almost instantaneously. Even just adding one coat of paint over existing wall coverings could make a significant difference in how well natural light fills up the room during daylight hours.

Of course, if you are looking for something that isn’t quite as permanent, then simply opt for painting an accent wall instead. This will still add some life to any dull bathrooms while giving off plenty of brightness.

These are just a few easy ways that you can brighten up a windowless bathroom without having to do any major renovations. Brightening up a windowless bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult!