6 Unique Presents Your Kid Will Surely Fall In Love With!

These days, kids seem to have everything. From toy cars to princess dolls – you name it, they have it. This actually becomes troublesome at times because then you’re left with the horrible question of, “What do I give my kids on their birthdays? Or what about Christmas presents?”

I understand, buying things for your little ones can be quite tricky, thanks to technological advancements. But don’t worry, here I’ve compiled a list of six unique and beautiful gift items that your kid will surely love playing with!

1. Bookmaking kit

If your child loves to read storybooks and has a hidden Shakespeare in them, the Lulu Junior Illustory bookmaking kit is ideal! It costs just about 43 AUD and is a great way for your child to learn new things.

A writing guide is present in the kit which inspires your little one to keep writing. The kit comes with a set of coloured markers, template pages, an interactive guidebook, and an order form. Now your child can publish their very own storybook without any kind of external help!

2. Digital camo

The digital camo by Airfort will really bring out the soldier-going-on-a-battle vibes. This tent-like structure costing around 70 AUD will act as the perfect fort for a pretend battleground.

It inflates in less than 30 seconds – just add a bit of air to it using a box fan. You won’t have to spend hours building a treehouse or sweating in the heat while constructing a tent outside. Airfort’s camo will make a perfect place for some family cuddles on a movie night!

3. Waterproof digital camera

The ProGrace waterproof digital action camera is also a great gift item. Priced at 54.10 AUD, this camera can be used by children aged between 4-12 years. It comes with 1080p HD video and 7 filters with up to 4x zoom. The best part is that the entire camera comes in a waterproof case.

So, if your babies want to click some selfies while splashing around in the pool, they can easily do that using the ProGrace camera. The battery life is also pretty decent so that you don’t worry about the cameras failing to work just when you need to capture the perfect shot.

4. Disney mystery box

Planning to buy Disney gifts in Australia? The Disney Mystery pack from Short Story is there for you. If your kids are huge Disney fans, this box costing 89 AUD will make them squeal with joy. There will be various products from cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and lego star wars Jesse Minifigure inside the box.

You can choose anyone among the four pre-made Disney x Short Story mystery boxes. Each box also comes with a lovely Disney x Short Story candle, perfect for a bit of calmness when you’re reading your child a Disney storybook during bedtime.

But these boxes tend to go out of stock very soon, so grab one while stocks last!

5. Drawing tees

Kids love scribbling on the walls or even on their clothes. But with the new Light-up drawing tees from Uncommon Goods, this won’t be a nuisance anymore!

The drawing t-shirts range from 40-48 AUD and are perfect for kids who are  3-14 years old. The comfy cotton shirts have a special ink panel that lights up in a glow-in-the-dark manner temporarily when a light source falls on them. The set also comes with a mini light-wand to help your children doodle happily!

6. Box and balls

This lovely set comes with 8 boxes and 8 balls. Your kid can play endless games using a combination of these 16 items as per their wish.

Throw balls into the boxes from a distance, or stack the boxes on top of each other- there are so many ways to play with this set. For making it more fun, there are many games listed on the packaging. It’s priced around 51 AUD.

Over to you…

The global toy market is predicted to grow from $141.08 bn USD in 2021 to $ 230.64 bn USD by 2028. So, it comes as no surprise that there are millions of toys to choose from. But these six items will be perfect for your kids no matter where their interests lie!