6 Underrated Indian Singers You Need to Know About

There is no doubt that music just like other forms of art is subjective. However, there are some singers and songs that almost everybody finds great. On the other hand, there are some singers who for some reason do not get the recognition they deserve despite being better than most mainstream artists.

This article is about some of the most underrated singers in the Indian music industry. These singers have great voices as well as singing techniques and styles and that is why you need to check these out.

Here are 6 underrated Indian singers that you must listen to whenever you have some free time

  1. Kavita Seth

She is a playback singer and the head of a music group known as Karwan Group. She came to light due to her brilliant vocals in the song Iktara from the Blockbuster film Wake Up Sid. She, along with Nupur Sanon are some of the most underrated Indian celebrities.

She has a soulful voice which she uses quite skillfully in singing classical Ghazals and Sufi songs. She has been singing in concerts and performing live for many years which shows how great her control over her voice and vocals is.

  1. Amit Trivedi

This guy is a lyricist, vocalist, music director, and Jingles composer. He can sing songs from various genres including, rock, classical, novel fusion, etc. He has been nominated for various awards and he won some of them as well.

Both fans and critics find his voice surreal and fascinating. He has a fan following across the border as well and people love to listen to his recordings as well as live shows.

  1. Anuv Jain

Anuv’s music has a unique sense of authenticity and originality which stems from the fact that he takes his inspiration from his personal life experiences.  He has produced various hits including Riha, Ocean, Maula, Baarishen, etc. and he was also recognized by Ted Talks for his inspiring success story.

  1. Shubha

This talented singer can sing in Hindi Telugu, English, Spanish, and Italian. She has more than 0.8 million subscribers and the number is still growing by the day.

She has taken part in American Idol where she got to make a huge impression on Judges as well as the audience. The future looks really bright for this talented singer, and we are here for it.

  1. Anumita Nadesan

This singer blew up back in 2020 with her incredible performance of the classic song Jaan e Baharan. She is a brilliant musician who has produced several original tracks which are available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube music, and several other platforms. Agastya Nanda is another underrated Indian singer that you should check out.

  1. The 9Teen

This band is known for its refreshing and pleasant covers of the old songs that we used to love as kids. They have incredible voices and they tend to add their own flavor to their covers which makes these old songs even more enjoyable.

They have garnered about 0.3 million subscribers on YouTube and the number is expected to grow significantly as they create new material.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the most underrated singers from India that you need to check out if you are a true music lover. We really hope you find this information useful and that you enjoy listening to the refreshing and rejuvenating music produced by these skilled artists.