6 tips for staying in a hotel during COVID-19

While travel is mainly on hold due to the pandemic, some tourists are getting creative to enjoy a change of scenery, such as planning short weekend vacations or local road excursions. Whether you’re planning a short socially isolated trip or anticipating the return of travel in the future, staying in a hotel may be on your mind. 

You can book your hotel stay from the hotel booking engine but do not forget these 6 tips for staying in a hotel during Covid-19.

1. Research about the Hotel’s Safety Measures

It is recommended that you investigate the safety precautions that the hotel is taking to protect clients before making a reservation. Check If the crew is wearing masks and offering hand sanitizers in common places, as recommended by the WHO. Other important measures that hotels should take include floor marking, signs informing guests about COVID-19, frequent disinfection of public areas, and contactless check-in/check-out. It’s a good sign if the hotel is open about its policies and has made that information available on its website.

2. Request a room that has not been occupied recently.

See if you can get a room that hasn’t been occupied for a few days while making your reservation and checking in with the front desk. While housekeeping disinfects and sanitizes each room after each guest, leaving a few days between guests further reduces the danger of transmission. This option is not always accessible and is mostly dependent on the hotel’s occupancy, but it never hurts to inquire.

3. Opt for private transportation

Although this option may not be suitable for everyone, if you require transportation services throughout your trip, inquire about private transportation possibilities with the hotel concierge. If the hotel provides this service, it will be through the hotel or a suggested third-party provider. All arrangements and correspondence will be coordinated by the hotel concierge. Just make sure you have a confirmation letter for your transportation before you go.

4. Arrange housekeeping services during your stay

To reduce exposure, it’s preferable to avoid using housekeeping services, although we understand that having clean sheets and towels every day is one of the pleasures of staying in a hotel room. If this is your preference, we propose scheduling a time for the maid to clean your room while you’re out. This is the most effective strategy to reduce your exposure while still returning to a hotel with clean sheets and towels.

5. Wear a mask and stay at least six feet away from others

Whether or not your destination needs the use of masks or social distancing, you should follow the CDC’s pandemic safety guidelines. When in public places, wear a mask and keep at least six feet apart – this includes the elevator.