While the main purpose of 4×4 driving lights is to produce bright, white light to illuminate obstacles in your path, there are a few other things you should consider before making your purchase. Here are 6 tips to help you select the right 4×4 driving lights on sale at Autobarn for your vehicle:

  1. Number of Lights

Depending on how much light you want shining on the road ahead, you can choose between one and two lights. For a narrower beam of light, one light will be sufficient. If you want a wider beam of light that extends further down the road, two 4×4 driving lights are recommended.

  1. Light Type

Driving lights generally come in two types: spotlights and worklights. Spotlights provide a narrow beam such as that produced by headlights, while worklights provide a wide beam that can illuminate an entire area or obstacle. The choice between these depends on what type of lighting you need for your specific application.

  1. Light Color

The color of the light produced by 4×4 driving lights is also an important factor in making your choice. Light colors range from warm white to cool white on the color spectrum; the closer to cool white the light is, the more blue it will be.

  1. Driving Conditions

Before shopping for 4×4 driving lights, think about where you will be using them most often. Will you be in an urban area or a rural area? Will there be streetlights or other vehicles around? Where will you park at night? If there’s lots of traffic or streetlights nearby, consider using a light that has a spot beam pattern to help you see far ahead on the road. If there isn’t much traffic nearby, look for flood beams so that you can easily see the road right in front of you as well as all around your vehicle.

  1. Consider what you need them for

You’re going to be using your driving lights at night most of the time, so it’s important to ensure they can handle all the different weather conditions, especially if the area you live in has a diverse range of climates. If you live in a desert climate, then obviously you should choose 4×4 lights that are designed for maximum brightness and visibility for driving in hot conditions. However, if you live in an area that experiences extreme cold at night, then make sure your 4×4 driving lights can handle being used in those temperatures and that they won’t freeze over or become blinded by ice buildup.

  1. Lighting Type and Shape

One of the first things to consider is the style of light you want on your vehicle. You can choose from driving lights, light bars, fog lights, spotlights, and more. The type of light you need depends on what you’ll use your vehicle for. If you go off-road at night or do a lot of night driving, then a bar light or a set of driving lights may be the best choice for you. Fog lights are very important if there are times when visibility is reduced due to fog, dust or rain. Spotlights can be used if you need extra lighting for any reason at all.