6 Surprising Things You Can Do With Common Herbs and Spices

Do you enjoy flavorful food? If you do, you probably don’t want to imagine a world without herbs and spices. In today’s economy, you can acquire just about any spice you want to create an amazing culinary experiment right in your own home. But there’s more to these unassuming plants than what they can do for a bland chicken breast. Keep reading to discover six surprising things you can do with common herbs and spices.

1. Start an Import-Export Business

Spices are a hot commodity, and one way to capitalize on these sought-after ingredients is to start a business to import and export herbs and spices. Among Americans, there is a healthy market for spices because not many spices are grown in large amounts in the U.S. Consumers are also more savvy these days, so you can capture their interest with good marketing that highlights the region and communities growing the spices you want to import. You’ll want to participate in supply chain consulting as you get started so that you don’t have drops in service or lulls in production.

2. Disinfect Surfaces Around the House

If you’re looking for a natural alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals, then you can turn to herbs and spices to disinfect surfaces around your home. Long before the invention of bleach, people all over the world used plants to help maintain hygiene, even in living areas. Natural spices and herbs such as cinnamon, oregano, thyme, and basil all have properties that combat bacteria. While you can use freshly plucked thyme around your home, it might be more convenient to look for carefully formulated products that include these natural ingredients.

3. Reduce Smelly Odors in Your Home

One of the most effective uses of herbs and spices is for deodorizing. Smell is a powerful thing, and having a stinky home is not only unpleasant but also unsanitary. If you have children and pets, the chances are that your home is constantly under attack. It can feel impossible to keep up with messes while also trying to work, cook, and sometimes sleep.

There are specific herbs and spices that have odor-fighting abilities. Cinnamon, anise, and clove are a great combo for freshening the air in your kitchen. In your bathroom, you can use lemon balm and mint. For other areas of the home, you can try sage, lavender, and chamomile.

4. Brew Health-Boosting Teas

If you have a cabinet full of dried herbs and whole spices, then you are ready to make your own health-boosting teas. Herbal tea has incredible health benefits, and it’s not hard to whip up a delicious concoction at home. All you need is hot water and your dried herbs and spices. 

You can use different spices and herbs for different health conditions or symptoms. For example, place dried or fresh ginger in just-boiled water for when you’re feeling nauseous. Ginger helps combat nausea. Mint will do the same, and you can use fresh or dried mint for the job. You can boil cinnamon, clove, and whole black pepper to get a spicy and slightly sweet tea that is great for helping reduce bloating and improving immunity.

5. Repel Unwanted Pests in the Garden

Herbs and spices are very effective at repelling pests and bugs in your garden and around your property. If you notice a lot of mosquitoes gathering around your home in the wet and warm months, try planting mint, basil, and rosemary outdoors. Not only can you use these herbs in your cooking, but you can also reap the anti-mosquito benefits.

6. Create Fragrant Essential Oils

The delightful fragrances of herbs and spices in your cooking are easy to capture in essential oil formulas. Essential oils are great for use around the home as well as on your person, especially when mixed with a carrier oil. You can use cinnamon essential oil in your massage oil to get a warming effect. You can also use mint essential oil to help with headaches.

Mother Nature truly has a bounty of gifts to offer when it comes to herbs and spices. Next time you’re in the spice aisle at the grocery store, pick up a few extra options for your home.