6 signs that you are heading toward addiction

Consumption of drugs, even for recreational purposes, can lead to addiction or substance use disorder. Whether it is street drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs, anyone can get addicted to them. It may be hard to identify when you are becoming an addict, but there are early signs that you should not ignore. If an occasional getting high with friends is becoming more often and getting out of hand, you may need to consult a Psychiatrist in Lahore who specializes in drug addiction. 

Are you addicted? Here are the signs!

1.      Excessive usage

Addicts tend to want more and more drugs. They do not like it when the high wears off. The inability to quit also occurs as withdrawal from these drugs can lead to physical issues, including headaches, sweating, or feeling nauseous. Even if you want to stop smoking, the strong urge to take the drug can be hard to resist.

2.      Social withdrawal

Are you canceling plans with your friends just because you cannot consume drugs? It may be an addiction. Those addicted to drugs may not show up at gatherings where they have to remain sober. It can affect your work or personal life because you may not show up to events necessary for you to attend.

3.      No regard for consequences

Consumption of drugs can have dire consequences on work, personal life, finances, and health. Overusing drugs can lead to a drug overdose that needs immediate attention from a doctor at Shaafi International Hospital. Addicts may also end up in financial issues due to overspending on drugs. They may borrow or steal money to buy drugs. They are likely to keep taking drugs even when they know its result.

4.      Changing sleeping habits

Your sleep patterns can change depending on which drug you consume. You are either sleeping too little or too much. Some drugs can lead to severe conditions like insomnia. It may become hard to conduct day-to-day tasks if you are not getting enough sleep. Good sleep is essential for a healthy life. Addiction can disrupt your sleeping habits; 

5.      Changes in mood

You may face intense mood swings if you are an addict. Your mood may even depend on the drugs you take. Drugs can also lead to paranoia, irritation, and anxiety that may disturb your life and your relationship with others.

6.      Changes in appearance

Consuming drugs can lead to drastic changes in weight and facial appearance. Extreme weight loss or gain can occur when you take drugs daily, depending on which drug you take. Moreover, your face may also show signs of drug abuse. Addicts may look tired all the time. Dark circles and bloodshot eyes may also indicate drug use. You may also lose interest in getting ready or looking good, as it may seem like too much effort.

Overcoming addiction

It is essential to identify addiction and acknowledge that you have a problem. If you see the above signs in someone around you, you can have an honest conversation with them about it. Addiction can cause other mental health problems too. It may occur due to past trauma, genetics, and overuse of drugs. Addicts need proper attention and treatment for rehabilitation. A psychiatrist may prescribe drugs to reduce the urge to take certain drugs. A doctor may suggest a rehabilitation center for treating an addict for the complete withdrawal of the drug from the system.