6 Reasons To Consider Mylar Packaging

As you determine the right material for your customized stand up pouches, there are a few factors you need to consider: durability, freshness and flexibility. What material can check all these boxes? The answer is mylar packaging.

Mylar Packaging Is a Must

Mylar packaging is popular for storing food, medication, supplements and beauty products and it’s easy to see why. Made of stretched polyethylene terephthalate, this ingenious material can stand up literally and figuratively. 

Easy Customizations With Mylar Packaging

Fortunately for companies, it’s easy to order custom mylar bags. This packaging can be printed with a variety of designs and even incorporate the following:

  • Child-resistant seals
  • Sustainable options
  • Anti-counterfeit QR codes

Why does this matter? When customers encounter your brand on the shelf, the packing influences their perception of the company as a whole. Mylar bags are a great way to put your best foot forward.

6 Reasons To Consider Mylar Packaging

Mylar bags are designed to be the best in the business. Also, print on mylar bags help to grow the businesses and the brands. That’s why they have so much to offer, including these six features.

1. Tight Seals

Tight seals are essential for locking in freshness, which keeps food from going stale too fast. Additionally, tight seals can lock strong odors inside, which is beneficial for strongly flavored foods such as jerky. After all, most customers don’t want their pantry smelling like seasoned beef.

2. Lightweight

Lightweight packaging is a plus for customers who don’t want to lug around heavy bags whenever they want a snack. Less weight per package also means you can ship more at once, thereby lowering your shipping costs and helping your bottom line.

3. Highly Flexible

Mylar’s extreme flexibility means it can be molded into a variety of shapes, including stand-up and lay-flat packages. Customers will also appreciate the flexibility, as it means they can fold, roll up or smoosh bags as necessary. For example, some people may roll up a half-full bag to stow in carry-on luggage so they can have a snack during a long flight.

4. Maximum Strength

Food packaging will be thrown around, dropped, squashed and otherwise abused, which is why it’s vital you choose a strong material. Mylar is flexible enough to bend without breaking and can withstand heavy contents and oddly shaped products. 

5. Opaque

Medications, supplements and beauty products can be sensitive to light; if they’re exposed to light for too long, they can separate, lose potency or go bad more quickly. Fortunately, you can print mylar in opaque colors that keep the contents safe from light. Even white packaging is opaque enough to withstand bright light, so you can choose your colors without worrying about exposure.

6. Puncture-Resistant

A tight seal means nothing if it’s easy to put a hole through the bag. Mylar is puncture-resistant, which means it takes concentrated effort to cut. As a result, customers can rest easy knowing they won’t accidentally put a hole in their favorite snack.

There are many flexible packaging options out there, but mylar offers features that other materials can’t compete with. If you want your products to stay fresh, then mylar may be the best packaging choice.