6 Questions to ask before buying a car insurance policy

After choosing your favorite car for which you worked really hard, it is important to go for the right car insurance policy. Now, with the onset of digitalization, one simply has to go on the internet and search ‘car insurance online’, then opt for the best one.

But there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while picking car insurance. It is very important to first research what you want from the insurance policy. Factors such as the vehicle you own & its purpose, financial background, and other particular needs must be considered before buying insurance. Similarly, the insurance companies will also have some queries regarding you as their customer.

Whether you are going for car insurance online or offline doesn’t matter. Make sure you have some questions in mind to clear the way and run your quote through several providers, including low cost auto insurance companies like FreewayInsurance.com

Here are six questions to ask before buying a car insurance policy –

➔ How much will my insurance cover?

Insurance coverage is one of the most significant factors of car insurance policies. There are primarily two kinds of policy coverages –

  • Accident policies – Covers damages after a collision accident.
  • Non-accident policies – Covers non-collision circumstances like fire, theft, or vandalization.

To add more, know that there is also a mandatory insurance cover which incurs the minimum coverage cost required by law before one is allowed to be behind the wheels. This is called ‘third-party liability cover.

➔ What am I expecting from it?

When you go for car insurance online, you have a clear picture as car insurance online providers offer you each and every detail regarding it. However, many people out there consider buying insurance without giving it much thought.

But it should not be just choosing a plan and making payment. So, to avoid any last-minute issues, make sure to ask this question to your provider before purchasing the plan.

➔ What are the payment terms?

Every car insurance policy company has its own set of payment terms and conditions to offer. Here, it is important to be alert, and going for a popular company or the one suggested by close friends and relatives is not the smartest thing to do.

You must select an option that fits the best for you. There are many companies that offer lucrative easy payment schemes. You have to make an apt decision.

➔ What is the deductible amount?

Many insurance companies out there that provide solutions with low premiums often tend to charge higher deductibles. Factually, when the time comes to make a claim, an amount called deductible amount needs to be paid by the insurance holder before the company comes to the rescue.

Therefore, then they pay the remaining amount. So be cautious and make the right choice while picking your car insurance online or offline.

➔ What are the add-on covers?

The additional pros, such as prompt roadside help, loss of personal items, engine repair, replacement of key, personal accident coverage, etc., that offer better financial protection to your car in an untoward event are known as add-on covers.

Generally, an insurance agent offers a premium quote after calculating add-ons. But mostly, they offer Ford invoice prices covers that might not suit you, so while choosing an add-on cover to go with your car insurance, you must consider your car’s model, make, and age.

➔ Do I need to buy it every year?

Depends. The validity of your car insurance plan depends upon the tenure you choose. There are long-term plans as well as short-term plans too. As per the laws, it is mandatory to buy at least a Third-party Car Insurance policy, the tenure of which can be annual or more depending upon the terms and conditions of the company.

➔ Is the company reliable?

Before asking the insurance company about its authority and genuineness, you must always check it yourself first. You must cross-check the company’s registration number on the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) website.

It was around six months back when I purchased my dream car. As we mostly depend on the internet for every other task, I searched for ‘car insurance online’ and landed on Bajaj Finserv’s page. After proper research, I felt they offered what I was looking for, so I went for it.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that you do your proper research and don’t miss out on these top six questions from the organization to understand better.