6 Modern Innovations in Medical Imaging Technology

Every month someone’s cancer treatment is delayed, their risk for death increases by around 10%. Medical imaging is the best way to catch the disease before it has the chance to spread.

Medical imaging is also known as radiology. Its purpose is to recreate images of a person’s body so that a doctor may examine them and give an accurate diagnosis.

When many people think about medical imaging, their minds go to ultrasounds, but this branch of medicine also includes X-rays, MRIs, tactile imaging, CT scans, and endoscopy.

Advanced medical imaging has come a long way over the years. Here are six modern innovations making a massive difference in the medical world.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has supported healthcare for many years and will continue to as technology improves. Artificial Intelligence can read old CT scans and detect cancer while it’s still in its early stages. It can also reduce the number of false results in cancer screenings during medical diagnostics procedures.

2. Nuclear Imaging

Nuclear imaging involves placing a small amount of radioactive material inside a person’s body. A doctor will run a scan that will sense the material for any anomalies. This test detects thyroid issues, gallbladder disease, and Alzheimer’s.

3. Virtual Reality

VR or virtual reality has been made available to medical professionals through education, training, practices, and medical operations. It has only been recently that this technology is gaining ground because of technological advancements.

That’s where virtual reality comes in handy. Surgeons can practice a wide range of operations without entering the ER.

Virtual reality isn’t only helpful for doctors. It can also help patients manage their pain symptoms. This technology has been used in physical therapy and addiction treatment as well.

4. Intraoperative Imaging

Advanced medical imaging plays a crucial role in removing tumors. Intraoperative imaging acts as a guide for surgeons. It can make hidden parts of a tumor visible so doctors may remove them.

5. MRI Glove

This advancement helps MRI departments by creating detailed images of a patient’s hand while it’s in motion. This makes it useful for diagnosing medical conditions such as carpal tunnel and aiding in the creation of prosthetics.

6. Wireless Imaging

Wireless imaging lets surgeons bring screens into the procedure room without using wires or cords. Not only can this technology increase productivity, but it can allow for a faster diagnosis.

In the past, doctors would have to schedule a follow-up with the patients while waiting for results. Now, with wireless imaging, everything can be done in one appointment. State-of-the-art technology from Synergymedco.com makes this equipment a valuable tool in every medical institution.

Innovations in Medical Imaging Technology Saves Lives

As you can see, the world of medical imaging is constantly evolving. With the technology we have today, we can diagnose cancer while it’s still in its early stages and save lives.

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