6 Long-Distance Activities for Couples

This article is especially for lovers who live far away from each other, maybe in different areas or cities or in this time of globalization, even in different countries! This can be a challenging time in a couple’s relationship. 

We are not going to sugarcoat it for you: long-distance relationships are tough. You constantly miss your partner. When you find something funny or strange and want to share it with your partner with that knowing look that couples who understand each other share, your love is not there to look back, fully understanding, without words, but on the same page as you.  

This is where you have to let the creative side of your mind lead you to think of things that you can do together without physically being together. It can even be fun. Yes, that sounds impossible, but our carefully thought-out tips will let you see what we mean. 

1.See the same movie at the same time

Movies are released across the country at the same time. This is important. A movie date can be enjoyed by both of you at the same time sitting in the same seat but in different cities.

Pick a movie that you both want to see on a night you are both free. Say you will meet at 6 pm at the ticket booth as the movie begins at 6h30pm.

Coordinate on your cell phones when you get there. Buy the tickets for the same numbered seat in the movie theatre. Before you go to your seats each buy popcorn and a Coca-Cola – or whatever you both enjoy – then go to your seats and watch the movie together. When you come out of the movie theatre you can call each other and discuss which parts of the movie you loved and which you didn’t.

2.Play a game together

Technology today makes everything easier; you can play the same game at the same time using the internet. Let’s say for example Minecraft. You can be Jesse and she can be Petra, his long-time love interest. You can be in your personal rooms and as long as you both have the Minecraft game you can play together. In Minecraft, you work as a team to overcome obstacles and to build things to increase the size of the Minecraft City. Each of you will have headphones on and can talk to each other while playing Minecraft.

3.Plan a trip to visit 

Visit each other as often as you can. Spending quality time with the one you love helps build security in a long-distance relationship.

Remind yourselves that you will see each other again at a specific time. 

You can both create anticipation and excitement for the next visit. It will also help to keep you from obsessing over the relationship.

Instead of leaving a TBD (To be Decided) on the calendar for a visit, create a schedule that works for both of you. It may be once a month, every two months, or whenever the nearest date is that you can see each other. 

Just be sure you know exactly when you’re going there or when your partner is coming to you. It may sound hard, but if you want a long-distance relationship to work, you need to put in the time and be patient during the periods of waiting.

During your visits, pick a routine activity (like making dinner together or going for a run) that can breed a sense of normalcy. But also relish the novel, exciting things you can show or do together in your respective cities because the other person doesn’t live there. It gives you a chance to explore and see new things, which you probably wouldn’t get in a regular relationship. It keeps things super fresh.

After your visit, share the wonderful gift of a cute couple bracelet, so that when you are apart and each of you looks at your bracelet you will be reminded of that specific visit, the time, the place, and the feelings you shared at that moment.

4.Visualization phone

Again, technology is the way to go. You can use your smartphone, iPad,

or laptop and install visual apps like Skype and Zoom to talk to each other face to face from anywhere. Technology today is so advanced you don’t even get a time lag when you call overseas. It sounds like the person you are talking to is sitting right beside you.

5.Create a Daily Ritual

Many things keep a long-distance couple from feeling connected. When you aren’t a part of each other’s daily activities you begin to feel isolated. To stop feeling isolated create daily rituals that make a subtle connection. Maybe have breakfast together over Skype or Zoom. If early mornings are too busy, unwind at the end of the day with a goodnight call when you have both done all there is to do and can relax and just talk.

6.Say “I love you” every single day

With everyday traffic, meetings, and the business of life in general it is hard to understand how long-distance relationships can ever work, as we tend to forget the reasons why we fell in love in the first place. But we have all seen it; long-distance relationships can actually work out. They just need a constant reminder and nurturing along the way making sure each one in the relationship is a priority for the other one. With each new day, you are committing to your partner. Always remember to tell them that. Use the simple words “I Love You” meaningfully!

Life is too short to waste on someone who doesn’t have long-term future plans with you. For your next relationship start fresh with someone who lives close to you. It will be easier and more fulfilling to do the things you like while being together all the time, rather than to wait for the brief togetherness of visits!