Consulting a family doctor is okay for general health conditions. However, if you are experiencing a chronic disorder that does not get better with time, you may require assistance from a specialist. 

ENT specialized is trained to treat ear, throat, and nose problems. These doctors are also known as otolaryngologists. They have extensive knowledge of the area around the throat, ear, and nose. The individual who wants to become an ENT specialist has to do 4 years of medical school degree and then undergo 5 years of a training program. After that, they can practice in any healthcare center or do 1-2 years of training in subspeciality: Laryngology, head & neck, neurotology, otology, allergy, facial surgery, pediatric ENT. 

ENT doctors treat simple to severe health conditions of individuals of every age. These professionals not only give medication to treat sinus and headache but also perform delicate surgeries to restore hearing, eliminate tonsils etc. In this article, we are going to highlight key conditions for which you need the assistance of an ENT doctor in Chandigarh, Mohali, Delhi or any other part of India.

  1. Facial Trauma

Injury on the face is known as Facial Trauma or Maxillofacial. In this condition, soft tissues or bones of the face are affected because of sports, car crashes or violence. Double vision, missing teeth, deformity in facial bones are the signs of Facial Trauma. Skin aging and wrinkles are also signs of this condition. An ENT specialist is the right professional to visit in such conditions. They treat facial injuries with surgical and non-surgical methods. ENT doctors also help in preventing premature aging by returning skin elasticity.

  1. Tonsillitis

Tonsils are the two delicate lumps in the back of your mouth. When these lumps get sore up due to bacterial or viral infection, the condition is known as Tonsillitis. The person experiencing Tonsillitis feels difficulty in eating as well as drinking. Also, the victim may feel feverish and have trouble talking. It would be better to visit ear, nose and throat specialists near you to get the right course of antibiotics to treat Tonsillitis. Although this problem can happen to anyone, children aged 5-15 years are more likely to get Tonsillitis.

  1. Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is another crucial ailment that an ENT specialist treats. This is a serious disorder in which victims have difficulty breathing while sleeping. Loud snoring, awakening with dry mouth and morning headache are some symptoms of this disease. Some lifestyle changes in parallel with the medications can help keep the airway open during sleep and overcome this problem.

  1. Allergies

Only a handful of people know that otolaryngologists also help patients suffering from allergies like sinus, seasonal rhinitis, and hayfever. The reason is that these conditions directly affect your nose & throat. So, it would be better to concern the ENT doctor of the area in lieu of a general physician. They can craft an effective treatment plan for you and suggest the best solution for this problem.

  1. Neck & Head Cancer

These professionals also treat cancer around the head and neck region with surgery. Some of the common cancers for which you need the help of ENT doctors are sinus cancer, neck melanoma, and thyroid cancer.

  1. Hearing Loss

ENT specialists treat hearing loss issues apart from all the above conditions. Almost every person suffers from hearing loss at some point in life, especially in old age. The otolaryngologists are the clinicians that fix your hearing issues, whether severe or mild. They craft an effective treatment plan for you and suggest the best possible option. So, next time don’t visit traditional clinicians for hearing issues as they will also refer you to an ENT specialist. 

Final Verdict-:

That was all about the conditions treated by otolaryngologists. So, if you have any issues related to the nose, throat and ear, schedule a consultation with an ENT specialist to get the best treatment possible.