There’s no limit on the number of gifts a child would love to receive.

But it’s so hard to choose anything for them these days, as their favourites change every alternate week. And of course, no parent would want to spend money on toys that they would find at the back of the closet after a few days. Shop for Kids Mattress from a Huge Collection.

So, if you are struggling to find a good present for your kid, here are a few options.

1. A new bike

It’s no surprise kids love bikes. So, if your kid’s birthday is coming up, a nice bike is definitely going to take them by huge surprise. Not only would they love to flaunt it in front of their friends (apparently, it makes them feel cool), it is also a good active toy that will keep them healthy and agile.

Keep in mind, if your kid is very small, invest in a bike that has extra wheels for support. You can always choose to remove them as they grow up. It will also save them a few injuries while they’re still struggling to ride it.

2. Tickets to a getaway

Remember when the waterpark ad popped on the TV and your kid just couldn’t stop wandering around you, pleading to go there? Yes, you might have forgotten about it but they haven’t.

So, if your kid has been wanting to go to a waterpark or zoo or a vacation to the nearby hills for a long time – it’s time you surprise them with the tickets this birthday.

Spend the day with them and end it with their favourite chocolate cake. Believe me, a trip like this would be close to their heart forever.

3. Order some cool merchandise

Kids of today’s gen are hooked to cool merchandise than ever. They keep details about every jacket that’s ever been worn by their favourite pop star, footballer, or writer. So, if your kid is also a fan, why not buy some merchandise of his/her idol?

Yes, it’s quite tough but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can go for posters or even a simple t-shirt available online. All you have to do is get them delivered to your home and see your kid’s face go all bright and bubbly on their birthday morning.

4. Buy a puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to enhance a child’s mental development. It generates curiosity, strategy, and thinking abilities. You will find puzzles for kids of all ages, choose the ones your kid likes, and your kids will head straight to their rooms to complete their set as soon as they receive it.

If you want something out-of-the-box, you can order a playhouse or a cubby house online, it is bound to make them delighted.

4. Kid gardening set

For the little hands who love to take care of their flowers, a small gardening kit will be welcomed by them with a big smile. This kid’s version of the gardening kit contains essentials that are kid-friendly and will help them learn all about gardening.

Tip: Help them sow their first flower seeds and see how it makes them so excited when the seeds bloom.

5. DIY pottery kit

This is the best age to teach kids the beauty of traditional arts and crafts because of their unmatchable curiosity. And, a pottery set will be an ideal option for it. This kid-friendly version of the kit comes with all the tools that you need for making and shaping different types of pots. T

The only thing that you need is time and lots of clay. You can also go ahead and teach them to paint after their pots get dried up.

Long story short, this is a fun tool to get your kids inclined towards art while spending a good time on weekends. So, go ahead and get this kit wrapped for their big birthday surprise.

6. Building blocks

Building blocks are a great gift for your architect kid. Available in the form of plastic blocks, wooden blocks, or legos, they help in building hand-eye coordination and also develop their creative skills.

It also comes in attractive colours that make the child hooked on it for hours. However, you of course need to take care of the mess they create after playing with these blocks.

Over to you…

Now that you are aware of all the gifts one can give to surprise their child with, make notes and compare it with your child’s likes and dislikes… And that’s how easy it is to pick the best birthday gift for your little rockstar.