6 Essential Summer Accessories Your Closet Needs

Summer is the time for fun and flirty fashion, full of bold colors that leave your mood as sunny as the weather. While summer clothing trends come and go each year, some accessories are made to withstand fickle fashion changes. We’ve put together a list of timeless summer accessories that will be essential to your closet year after year. Check out our picks below! 

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a sartorial choice, but they are also important for your eye health, keeping your peepers protected from the bright summer sunshine. Ignore trends and pick a pair that suits your face shape. If you have a rounder face, pick square frames to add some angles. If you have a long face loom for oversized styles that will balance out your proportions. If you wear glasses day to day, you needn’t miss out, purchase a pair of specially made prescription sunglasses for women so that you don’t need to pick between vision and eye protection!

  1. White Sneakers

Sneakers are having a moment, and are the best way to marry comfort with style. White sneakers are perfect for summer as their bright and breezy aesthetic looks cool without trying too hard. Just make sure your sneakers are in good condition and not covered in stains and marks or you’ll quickly go from stylish to slobby.

  1. Heeled Sandals

A cute pair of heeled sandals will finish off any look you have put together. A pair in a neutral color such as tan or beige will help your legs look longer and will match with most outfits, bright or pastel. If you’re not a big fan of heels, look for a pair that have a chunkier heel so that you don’t have to balance on stilettos all day. Bonus tip: Try popping in a gel cushion by the balls of your feet so that you don’t get the dreaded foot burn after a few hours of wear.

  1. Straw Panama Hat

A hat will keep your head protected from the sun, but it will also add an extra flair to your outfit. A straw hat is the epitome of summer fashion and a Panama style suits almost all face shapes. A neutral color will go with everything, but consider tying different color ribbons around the band of the hat to jazz up a plain outfit or to tie your whole look together.

  1. Great Swimwear

Great-fitting swimwear can transform your confidence on the beach so search high and low until you find your favorite. Whether you’re happy rocking a two-piece or prefer a more demure all-in-one swimsuit, buy your suited style in multiple colors for great beach fashion that will last all summer long!

  1. Leather Belt

Perfect for cinching in the waists of floaty summer dresses, a leather belt is a classic that will never go out of style. Pick a color that goes with the majority of your wardrobe. Tan or black are great options and then add to your summer outfits if you want to create a little more shape, or simply add some interest with an accessory.

Which of these items will you be adding to your summer essentials? Share in the comments!