6 Essential Skills to Put Your Pharmacy Technician Career on the Fast Track

Working as a pharmacy technician can help you achieve your goal of serving people. Besides satisfaction, pharmacy technicians also enjoy a secure and financially stable life. Once you are done with the pharma education, your professional career starts. 

However, ensure you’ve all the qualities of a pharmacy technician before starting the work. These qualities don’t include your rewards but rather the skills you possess. You need to be vigilant and compassionate towards your work. Also, never ever lose the appetite for learning in this profession. 

Ready to kick-start your career as a pharm tech? Let’s discuss the skills you need to excel in your pharmacy technician career. 

Skills to Put your Pharmacy Technician Career on the Fast Track 

You need to pass the PTCB exam to become a professional technician. Several institutes offer free PTCB practice test opportunities, so you can be sure to ace the exam and secure that license. Taking this exam helps you understand the test format clearly. You also get to know about the subjects you are weak in. 

So, you can work on those subjects and pass the test hassle-free. After completing your studies, your road to a professional career starts. Here are the skills that you need to master to be a great pharmacy technician:

Be Attentive

Being a pharmacy technician, you are always working for the well-being of patients. You must read the doctor’s prescription carefully and dispatch the right medicine. If you aren’t vigilant enough, you can fill the wrong prescriptions. Giving wrong prescriptions to patients can result in severe consequences. 

Their overall health can get worse instead of getting better. That’s why you should go into the details of every medicine before giving it to patients. Here are what responsibilities you have to fulfill as a pharmacy technician:

  • Keep a check on each patient’s medicines prescription and care routine. 
  • Follow all the state laws and regulations related to pharmacy.
  • Try to solve medical issues with doctors and nurses.
  • Act as a middleman between testing labs and doctors. 
  • Organize and review medication details of every patient. 
  • Ensure there are no outdated drugs present in the pharmacy.

You’ll learn all the medicine names and their usage during your schooling years and reinforce them during the PTCB exam preparation. All you need is a good memory and high stamina to perform daily tasks. 

Provide Efficient Customer Service

You can’t be a successful pharmacy technician without having impeccable customer service skills. Your job asks you to help hundreds of patients in a day. Study says, there are only six technicians for every 10,000 patients. That means people rely heavily on you for medical help and suggestions. 

So, you need to deal with them with affection. It’d be good if you also remembered the faces of your patients. This saves you from making any medication mistakes. You don’t need to roam through different files to get patients’ medical histories. 

Your regular visitors also feel valued when you remember them. Good communication and customer service skills enable you to understand their problems. You listen to them keenly and help them find the best possible situation. Thus, ensure this skill before applying to any professional job.

Strong Teamwork Potential

You can’t continue with any profession if you don’t have strong teamwork potential. As a pharmacy technician, you’ve to work with different professionals. From customer service to working with doctors, each task needs your coordination. 

You can also provide better patient services if you work efficiently in a team. You should be a strong team player to run the whole pharmacy efficiently. 

Always up for Learning

Almost all the fields are changing rapidly. However, the medical field faces the most changes. When a new virus spreads, the healthcare department works to prevent its outbreak. For instance, coronavirus affects millions of people worldwide. So, with new diseases, you need to learn new medications too. 

That’s where the hunger for learning helps you. You can easily upgrade your knowledge with changing times. This keeps you in the competition for a long. However, if you don’t learn the changes in this field, you will struggle to help patients. If you have high knowledge about modern innovations in the medical field, it means you like learning new things.

Hence, they find you more reliable and trust you with their health. There are multiple courses available related to your fields. You can study any to know the depths of your profession. Every ounce of knowledge you gain will benefit your professional career.

Computer and Technology Skills

We are living in a modern and entirely digital world. The ever-changing technology has also impacted the healthcare department. Being a pharmacy technician, your duty includes listing patients’ details and plans. However, doing all this using paper and pen can take a whole day. That’s where your computer and technology skills help you. 

If you are efficient in computer usage, learn different software and enter all the data. You can also search about the composition of medicines and enlist them. All these things can help you in being a successful pharmacy technician. 

Compassion for People

You may not know it, but a pharmacy technician must have compassion. Patients go through a lot, from medications to surgeries. These things put them under a lot of pressure and stress. That’s why their mood isn’t always good. However, you can use your compassion to make them feel better. Yes, you heard it right. 

Any positive word or gesture from your side can put the patients at ease. If you’re a natural will to help people, then make sure you have many sympathies. Your positive attitude towards patients also helps them heal quicker. 

As a pharmacy technician, there’s nothing better you can do for your patients. Thus, ensure you are always available for the emotional support of your patients.


Pharmacy technician is an excellent profession and a way to help people. You can easily prepare for this field by going through the required years of education, and gaining the license through the PTCB practice test or PTCB exam. However, you need to be extra efficient and skilled too. A minor mistake from your side can cost someone’s life. We hope this article helps you gain the skills to be a good pharmacy technician.