6 Coping Tips for Dating a Daddy with More Than One Sugar Baby

Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with taking a more traditional approach to sugar relationships – one daddy and one baby in it for the long haul – there’s plenty of room for alternative approaches in the sugar bowl, as well. For example, many sugar daters – daddies and babies alike – prefer not to be exclusive for any number of reasons.

But knowing you’re open to dating a daddy who also dates other sugar babies is one thing. Actually getting used to that dynamic and making it work for you is another. Here are some coping tips to keep in mind if you do decide you’d like to try dating a daddy who’s into maintaining multiple sugar relationships.

  1. Have a plan for dealing with jealousy

Although jealousy isn’t a typical fixture in most sugar relationships, people are only human. Sometimes they develop feelings they didn’t plan on having, or their priorities change as far as what they want out of a relationship in the first place. Anytime feelings conflict with the realities of a situation, jealousy can become a problem. 

The trick to dealing with it is to be honest with yourself if you’re feeling it (or if you think someone else involved in your situation might be). Then address it promptly and maturely by talking things out with the appropriate parties. There are few sugar issues that can’t be solved via rational, adult discussion, and – believe it or not – jealousy is often one of them.

  1. Adopt an accepting attitude

Open sugar relationships where one or both parties date other people can be wonderful on so many levels. But everyone involved has to be genuinely and completely OK with it. Even if you’re fine with the situation, it’s important to make sure your daddy’s other babies also are to avoid any issues down the line. 

Don’t get involved in an open sugar relationship if you’re secretly hoping things will change at some point in the future. Do sit down with your daddy and discuss what you’ll each do next if you give this a try and it doesn’t work out for whatever reason. 

  1. Embrace the benefits of the situation

There’s a reason so many sugar daters actually prefer open relationships. They can give a person the best of both worlds – the companionship and support of a relationship combined with the near limitless freedom of being single. So don’t be afraid to lean into the many ways dating a  multi-baby sugar daddy can work for you.

For starters, you don’t have to be your sugar daddy’s sole source of love and support, as your sugar sisters will be helping you with that. That leaves more room in your life for you to pursue your own goals, explore relationships with other sugar daddies, or whatever you’d like to do.

  1. Get to know your sugar sisters

Don’t think of your sugar sisters as competition for your daddy’s attention, because it’s really not like that. If it turns out you like each other as people and get along, they can be trusted friends and valued members of your support system if you’re all open to the possibility.

So consider spending some time with your daddy’s other babies. Get to know each other, and be open to becoming friends. Naturally, you shouldn’t force a connection that really isn’t there, but it might be worth cultivating a friendship if you do find you have things in common.

  1. Maintain a group schedule

If you, your daddy, and your sugar sisters are like most sugar daters, you’re all really busy. And the more people are involved in a particular sugar situation, the more important it becomes to coordinate your schedules.

Many people in multi-person sugar situations find establishing a group schedule to be helpful. Everyone should get into the habit of being open and transparent with everyone else about when they’re free, when they’re not, when they really need someone to be available, and so forth.

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Sugar relationships of any kind are as rewarding and drama-free as they are because they’re based on open, honest communication. And the more people you or your daddy decide to date, the more important it becomes that everyone’s on board with maintaining that standard.

Always keep each other in the loop. And if you do feel frustrated or unhappy with anything that’s going on, don’t allow the feelings to fester. Talk things out, ask for what you need, and be open to renegotiating terms as needed or desired. Communication is the key to fantastic relationships that stay happy, healthy, and satisfying. 

Ultimately, every sugar relationship is what you make of it, and there are more ways to go about finding happiness than you might imagine. So don’t be afraid to try doing things differently. You never know when a change might turn out to really suit you.