6 Best Personality Traits To Look For In A Jury Consultant

When you see trials, one of the first things that you will notice is the jury. But how do they select the jury? They will use a consultant to bring expertise to the table and professionalism. The consultant will be in charge of shaping the jury to have the efficiency of the case to have the best influence possible. In addition to this, they provide a tremendous asset that you will need to have a successful trial. Because a jury can make or break a case, you need to find a consultant that can show you how to create the best case.

Handling The Trial Well

One of the most beneficial areas that a jury consultant can offer help is using their educational and psychological backgrounds to pick and choose the best jurors possible for a case. In doing so, they ensure that the jury remains unbiased and won’t form unfair opinions. Everyone can form an opinion about something, and it may not be fair to you. Instead, you may find that they are condemning you when you are entirely innocent. Hiring a jury consultant from Rick M. Goldberg & Associates makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Psychology Is Important

Another reason that the psychological background is so important is that the consultant will understand social dynamics and the influence that will affect how the jury sees things. Everyone comes from different locations and social areas, and you will find that that affects how a jury will view the case. For example, if someone comes from a social area where poor people commit crimes more than others, you will find that people can judge the case unfairly if the case has a poor person being accused. It’s not fair and can seem silly, but it has happened in many different cases.

Insight Is Vital With A Jury Consultant

A jury consultant will also have valuable insight, and they can help you understand how someone’s behavior during the trial (or mock trial) is becoming problematic. They pick up on clues, twitches, and uncomfortable traits. The slightest thing can cause a trial to go wrong, and it is the last thing you need. When a jury forms an opinion, and it affects people negatively, you will find that the entire case changes for the worse, not the better.

Communication Skills Will Help

A jury consultant will help with communicating properly and helping convey what you are trying to say. They help witnesses as well as lawyers to understand the verbal and non-verbal methods of the case. There are many times in the case a throat clearing, shaking hands, a head tilt, and other cues can all make a jury think something that may not be true. An example would be someone who has an issue with a dry mouth. A lawyer does a lot of talking and may need a drink of water. A jury could misconstrue this as a sign that the lawyer is lying even when they aren’t.

They Make Excellent Coaches

A jury trial consultant must have the ability to coach others. You need to have someone who can help you say what you need and understand what you have to do. With coaching, the consultant helps the witnesses prepare for stressful situations that they won’t be ready for. A trial can be challenging and cause jurors to cry, scream (in extreme cases), or get angry, which can influence the case that hinders you.

Expertise And Skill To Further Your Case

A jury consultant will be able to use their expertise to further your case and help determine who the best jurors are and who will damage your case and make it fail. As that is the last thing that you would want, you need a consultant to find the best of the best.

Trust The Intelligence And Skill Of Those Who Have Experience

A jury consultant has the skill and intelligence to know what works and what doesn’t, and when you are thinking of having a trial, that is what you need. It would be best if you had the skill and talent to win the case and ensure that the jury is with you, not against you. When you can do this, you will find that you can win the case quickly.