6 awesome tips you must read before buying lipstick boxes

The cosmetic market consists of hundreds of brands, with everyone trying their best to be at the top. Among a variety of makeup products, lipsticks are the most commonly used ones. Lipstick is known as a woman’s best friend. That’s why it has more demand as compared to other beauty products. No matter the age of a woman, lipstick is the most basic item in her makeup essentials. The product of such a wide acceptance should be packed in a way to make it more appealing. Well-designed lipstick box packaging is used for this purpose. Recent research has concluded that businesses using custom packaging solutions generate more sales. Therefore, whether you are a new brand or running your business for years, improving your cosmetic boxes can create a big difference for your product success. Here we are going to discuss a couple of tips you should consider before buying lipstick boxes for your brand:

1.       It’s all about Protecting the Product:

Protection is the primary purpose of high-quality packaging. Your custom lipstick boxes act more than a product holder as lipsticks are fragile items. They need proper handling to deliver them safely. If your product gets damaged due to bad packaging, it adversely affects your brand reputation. Therefore always choose lipstick boxes made of good-quality material like cardboard, Kraft paper, or paperboard. Such packaging keeps your products safe from physical damage and protects them from environmental effects like humidity and temperature changes.

2.       Make your Lipstick Packaging Attractive but never go Over the Board:

Keeping your packaging simple is good but creating an attractive lipstick box is even much better. As lipsticks come in various colors, their packaging boxes should also be designed by creating some buzz. Use natural and light colors for background and enthralling colors to make them shine through. Fascinating graphics, imagery, and printing patterns can give an entirely new look to your lipstick box packaging, grasping the attention of everyone. Brand’s logo is another effective element to consider. It highlights your brand in the marketplace. Thus creating the right mix of various design elements without going over the board is necessary to ensure your business success.

3.       Create a Box Style that stands out on the Shelves:

The cosmetic industry is highly competitive, with several new brands entering the segment every year. In such a situation, every business wants packaging that stands out on shelves. Using custom-designed lipstick boxes can help you to catch the customer’s eye in seconds. When your packaging appears different from several others on the frame, the customers are attracted instantly. This increases sales. Several things set your brand. It might be a unique logo, a signature color, a tagline, or a fantastic printing pattern. Your box style plays an imperative role in increasing the visibility of your lipstick products. Innovatively shaped boxes like sleeves, the one with a separate lid, auto-locking flaps, or a magnetic catch can give your products a unique identity, among several similar on shelves. As a result, the customers will always prefer to buy from brands that provide something unique and astounding.

4.       Design it for your Targeted Audience:

You need to be careful before buying lipstick boxes for your brand. Make proper research to know who your target customers are and what they are looking for in a packaging box. It helps you to design packaging in a better way. You should know whether your target audience is young ladies, teenage girls, or old-age women. Design your lipstick boxes according to their taste and preferences. Visit different stores or seek guidance from experts to know the choices of your target audience.

5.       Make it a Perfect Marketing Piece:

Your customized lipstick boxes can help in the promotion and marketing of your brand. Therefore use them to tell customers who you are and what values you might deliver? Moreover, you can also use your packaging creatively to tell the story behind your brand. The best way to design your lipstick boxes is according to your brand’s personality. Use colors similar to your website and brochures. The logo should be an official one that makes customers recognize your brand at sight. If you have selected the specific font style or color for your brand, apply it to your lipstick boxes to act as a perfect marketing piece.

6.       High-Quality Material gives Exceptional Results:

The material of your lipstick packaging is the most important thing to consider. It should be flexible to use, durable and eco-friendly. If you have multiple options for your cosmetic brand, you should be very careful about material choice. Cardstock is the most widely used option industry-wide due to its exceptional characteristics. Its die-cut and print-friendly nature have made it a preferred choice of various cosmetic businesses. You can print your lipstick packaging with any of the advanced printing techniques. The material produces an excellent result and a superior finish every time. There are unlimited printed versions available for these boxes. Print them with all the necessary details about the product to make them more attractive for the buyers. Make sure to print your lipstick box packaging with a personalized logo and other branding details.

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