50+ Great Jobs for People with Disabilities to Look For in 2023

If you are someone, who suffers from some form of disability, you need to stop seeing your disability as a hurdle, as a limitation. To Progress in life, it would help you to break the barriers you have created for yourself and move forward.

Today, we will be listing out 50+ great jobs that people with disabilities can take up in 2023.

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Employment opportunities for people with disabilities:

1. Marketing Specialist:

As a marketing specialist, you can participate in e-meetings, share your insights, and help with exploring telemarketing channels.

2. Graphic Designer:

Without leaving your home, you can help your employer design collaterals for sales, marketing, and internal communication.

3. Chef:

Become a head chef and manage a team of junior chefs by directing them on the flow of kitchen operations and cooking. 

4. Artist:

Find a job at an Art Gallery that can offer you space to display and market your paintings while agreeing to pay you royalties.

5. Sales representative:

Pick up the phone or create an e-pitch to get the sales figures moving, something that doesn’t pose mobility constraints.

6. Research Assistant:

Place yourself comfortably in a way your body demands by having research resources within hand reach.

7. Writer:

Work as a remote writer with a content writing agency and help them with curating blogs and articles for their clients.

8. Sports Coach:

Mobility isn’t a constraint for indoor sports. If you are good at a sport like chess, join a school as a sports coach.

9. Florist:

Event management agencies are always looking to hire remote florists. Without having to move around, you can help them with flower décor.

10. HR Assistant:

As someone, who enjoys spending time around people, join a HR consultancy or HR department where you can sit in one place and manage payrolls.

11. Typist:

Get yourself a data-entry job if you are good at typing because this makes a less cumbersome remote opportunity.

12. Personal Assistant:

Become a personal assistant to a busy CFO or CXO who is always looking for help with managing their schedules and fixing meetings.

13. Soft-skills trainer:

Be on-boarded by a corporate and address their employees across different areas like mental health and work-life balance without having to move around a lot.

14. Copywriter:

Enhance your creative skills by joining an Ad Agency as a copywriter where all you need to do is study the brief and curate a copy without going around.

15. Videographer:

Your videography skills will help you bag a job with an ad agency or events management company where you can comfortably sit in one place and work around video software.

16. Animator:

You can join an animation studio if you have animation skills and help create larger-than-life characters while working comfortably from your desk.

17. Technician:

As a technician, you will have to take care of tech loopholes in a single setup, which will prevent you from getting burdened by mobility constraints.

18. Hair stylist:

You can join a hair studio and take clients for a different types of hair treatments like hair spa, keratin etc.

19. Makeup assistant:

Earn by utilizing your knowledge of cosmetics by assisting a senior makeup artist working out of his/her studio.

20. CSR Executive:

Use your disability to your advantage and join the CSR wing of an organization by contributing to various social concerns.

21. Accountant:

Join a Chartered Accountant or Finance Department of a firm, where you can help derive balance sheets and P and L accounts working out of a desk job.

22. Bookkeeper:

Even bookkeeping software needs manual assistance by bookkeepers, which is something you can tap upon even with your disabilities.

23. Theatre Trainer:

Your acting skills can make you earn your bread and butter with all due respect to your disabilities if you choose to join an Acting Academy and become a theatre trainer.

24. Customer service executive:

As a customer service executive, you can work in WFH or hybrid modules, where you will be required to address customer queries by offering timely resolution.

25. Call centre executive:

Your mobility issues should not be a concern when working as a call centre executive because all you need to do is take calls sitting in one place.

26. Architect:

Join a senior architect or an established architecture firm, where you can actively participate in the planning and designing stage.

27. Lawyer:

Join a law firm and agree to take cases that are not too demanding so that you can show up in court and not feel physically pressured, either.

28. Corporate lawyer:

If standing for long is troublesome for you, become a corporate lawyer and guide corporates on the legal framework they need to abide by.

29. Banker:

Step into the role of a bank teller, where you will have to accept cash, make payments, and aid with information related to investment plans.

30. Travel guide:

For individuals with minimal mobility concerns, you can become a tour guide where you can sit in one place and offer information about local places over a mike. 

31. Product manager:

Every day a new product comes up in the market, which opens avenues for you to join the product-designing department and curate unique products.

32. Counsellor:

Educational institutes are looking for counsellors who can address students and speak to them individually on issues that may be bothering them.

33. Account Manager:

Ad agencies are looking for account managers, where your role would entail overseeing the strategist, creative director, and copywriter.

34. PR Executive:

As a PR Executive, all you need to do is build good relations with the media and help promote the client you are handling in the PR agency.

35. Creative Director:

You can join a film crew and help with creative ideas that go behind making an impactful film.

36. Receptionist:

Sit in one place, attend to calls, take messages, and look after the administrative work; that’s what you need to do as a receptionist.

37. Secretary:

You can become a secretary to a company CEO or someone in a position and accompany them through important meetings and events.

38. Clerk:

Manual intervention is required in every administrative task, which is something you need to perform in clerical roles.

39. Tutor:

Put your subject knowledge to good use by joining a school or University as a tutor in your area of expertise.

40. Librarian:

If you are good with books, become a librarian and help children by offering apt recommendations on books worth reading.

41. Pharmacist:

You can join a pharmaceutical company or a druggist, where you can help patients by providing the right medicines.

42. Financial analyst:

Firms need to keep their financial health under check, which is something you can help with as a financial analyst by studying financial records and offering on-point estimates.

43. Engineer:

Based on your specialization, be it mechanical or civil, you can join the engineering industry by working out of the respective firm’s office.

44. Mathematician:

You can put your Math knowledge to use by becoming a mathematician at a research institute or higher education institute.

45. Environment Consultant:

Companies are trying to operate in harmony with the environment to optimize, and they hire environment consultants from whom they gather the dos and don’ts of working in an eco-friendly manner.

46. Telemarketer:

Work out of your home or office and make multiple cold calls each day to market the product or service company you are working for.

47. Lab Assistant:

Be it a research institute or a laboratory at school, the job of a lab assistant is to offer assistance with the solutions and apparatus.

48. Event planner:

Join a small-scale event management company and help them with finding resources and closing deals for events like birthdays and weddings.

49. Security Manager:

In this role, you need to keep a check over the safety parameters, maintain necessary records and pass on the required information to the right channel.

50. Plumber:

You can join a Contractor as their in-house plumber through whom you can gather plumbing gigs at various residential and commercial spaces.

51. Investment Advisor:

You can utilize your knowledge of finance and investments by joining an investment banker, studying the market trends and ultimately coming up with suggestions for clients to apt manage their portfolios.

There is a lot of scope for jobs for disabled people in 2023 and beyond. One can pick and choose from different vocations to ensure that they can utilize their time well enough despite disability and also earn a decent amount of money for their needs.