5 Ways You Can Effectively Brand Your Trades Business

Branding refers to making your business more recognisable, especially when it comes to marketing. The most common branding collaterals include logos, company clothes, professional business cards, brochures, and more. Many brands also opt for certain brand colors. They base their marketing and promotions around those brand colors as a way to encourage faster brand recognition from audiences.

Trades businesses can also benefit from building a brand. As a brand, you give your trades business a distinct professional identity. Your business becomes more recognisable, with the intention being that your branding springs to mind should a potential customer require your services.

But how do you build a brand for a trades business?

1. Create Your Brand Story

Branding goes hand in hand with building a narrative. Although this narrative doesn’t have to be an origin story, it should still point to the values you want to reflect as a business. You can present yourself as an environmentally conscious business, or as a business that specializes in certain styles of work.

If you own a painting business for a specific style of painting, then you can base your brand around that style. If you want to attract corporate clients to your business, you can centre your branding on making your business attractive to corporate businesses. Aside from choosing your narrative, you can also select your brand colors and logo at this point.

Your logo should ideally have something to do with your business. A plumbing company often used plumbing tools or equipment in their logo, as an example. This helps potential clients immediately recognize the services offered.

2. Build a Website

Your website will be a core part of your branding. You can develop your website to reflect your brand aesthetics as well. On your website, ensure that you provide accurate information about your business. You can also add a blog where you provide informative content on your industry.

Finally, by ensuring that add backlinks from your social media accounts to your website, you can bring in more traffic and generate leads for your business.

Since most potential customers will usually look at your website if they want to hire you, your website becomes an important part of how you present your brand.

3. Social Media and Branding

Social media can help you get your trades business brand noticed much sooner. Instead of handing out flyers and brochures, you can focus on promoting your brand to more people online.

By choosing the right social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, you can start engaging with people immediately. If you follow that up with quality content and regular engagement with customers, it can translate to great branding.

Your trades business brand is directly tied to the reputation of your business as well. With a reputed brand, people are more likely to hire you. Aside from branding, another way to protect your trades business is with proper insurance. Learn more about how insurance for tradies help you protect your trades business.

4. Quality Work and Service

A good brand should also reflect in the actual work that you do. Good testimonials and reviews can help you build a good brand reputation as well. If you keep doing great work, then you can ask your clients for testimonials.

Uploading these testimonials to your website as well as social media accounts is a good way to increase your brand reputation. Aside from quality work, the way you deal with your clients needs to be professional. This applies to social media as well. Consider replying to questions from clients as soon as you can, and don’t leave mails and queries unanswered. By showing that you can provide prompt quality work, your brand will be perceived better.

5. Signage and Collaterals

Aside from developing your trades business brand, you can also use branding collaterals to increase awareness among customers. Consider adding your brand logo, name and contact details to your transportation vehicle. That way, anytime you are on the road, people can see your brand details prominently.

You can also get business cards and brochures. Company shirts that display the brand name can also help you get your brand noticed.


Building a good brand for your trades business can help you distinguish yourself against your competitors. By building your reputation, and as a result, trust, among your customers, you build a loyal customer base as well. A good brand name is a great protection for times when the business is affected in any way, such as with disruptions, accidents etc.

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