5 Ways to Stop Vandalism Instantly

Vandalism in the form of graffiti, broken windows, and general destruction has always been a problem, and it feels like it is only getting worse. 

Vandalism is usually a crime of opportunity. Most vandals will choose a target that is easy to get to or hidden from public view. The best way to combat vandalism is to make your home or business less attractive as a target. 

There are several things you can do to make your property less inviting to vandals. Some of these methods include making your property tougher to access and being aware of what can happen when vandalism gets out of control.

Here are five methods you can use to stop vandalism quickly before it’s too late.

1) Make your property more difficult to access. 

To prevent vandalism, secure your property, making it difficult for vandals to get to the building. You can do this by adding defensive landscaping. The best way to prevent vandalism is to close off access points and make your property impossible to target.

2) Secure and lock up everything that could be damaged. 

Store any items that are not in use and that could be used as a weapon in a secure location, such as your basement or storage shed. This can prevent vandals from being able to damage property with items around the property. 

3) Improve the visibility of your property. 

You might want to consider adding lights and cameras around your property. This can ensure that any suspicious activity is caught on camera. Cameras can also be used to deter vandalism by showing offenders that they are being watched. 

4) Use the internet and social media. 

Most vandals operate close to home. They rely on anonymity to avoid the consequences of their actions. Most neighborhoods have a dedicated social media presence, so if you do capture any images, these can be shared on social media. The loss of anonymity may deter vandals.

5) Make your property less attractive to vandals. 

Vandalism is normally due to boredom. To make sure that your property is less likely to be the target of vandalism, try adding some attractive features or decorations. 

Examples include well-placed bushes, flowers, and climbing plants, which will tend to make your house look well-kept so that it doesn’t look like a good target for vandals. 

To combat vandalism, you need to make your property less inviting to vandals. These are just some of the ways you can do this, and it will certainly help in preventing vandalism. 

The main reason why vandals decide to target your property is that they know that they will get away with it. The more deterrent methods you can put in place, the less likely you are going to be targeted. 

Remember, no matter what measures you put into place, there is always a chance that somebody will target your home or business. Make sure that if this security system fails, you have adequate insurance so that your home or business isn’t left with a hefty repair bill.