5 Ways To Spoil Your Pet

Do you ever feel guilty when you come home to your pet after putting in long hours at the office? Of course, you can’t help but stare into those adorable, innocent eyes and smoosh that fluffy face, wondering if your pet actually feels left out. If you are looking for ways to show your fur baby how much you love them, here are six ways to spoil your pet.

1. Have a DIY Spa Day at Home

If you think people are the only ones who enjoy getting pampered at the spa, you might want to think again. It doesn’t matter if your pet is a dog, cat, turtle, lizard, or chicken, all animals love a bit of pampering. Of course, you have to choose your method wisely because not all animals love the same things. But for those animals who love bath time and a good scratch, you can set the mood with calming Young Living Essential Oils such as lavender or cedar oil along with soothing music. 

Remember that all animals have different sensitivities to essential oils. It’s important to do proper research before you expose your pet to any strong substance such as an essential oil or perfume. 

2. Learn the Basics of Pet Massage

Another thing that animals and humans have in common is the love of a good massage. It will surprise you how your pet turns to jello in your lap when you start this part of their pampering session. Dogs, cats, and other animals can all experience anxiety and stress, especially if you work long hours or you recently moved or kept your pet in a boarding facility. Pet massage is a great way to relieve that lingering stress and help your pet get back to feeling happy and healthy. 

Some basic techniques include: 

  • Using both hands to gently and firmly stroke down your pet’s back
  • Taking your thumbs and gently massaging your pet’s forehead
  • Applying gentle pressure to your pet’s thighs and upper legs (especially good for senior animals) 
  • Massaging one or both of your pet’s ears

3. Make Your Own Healthy Treats 

If your pet is obsessed with food, it might be hard to control how many calories they consume on a daily basis. Plus, not all treats you can find at the pet store are actually healthy. To spoil your pets while keeping their overall health in mind, you can make a batch of homemade goodies such as dog cookies or catnip treats. Many of these recipes take no more than five ingredients you can find at any grocery store.

4. Go on a Nature Hike 

While it might seem like your pet loves the cozy atmosphere of home, it’s important to expose your pet to nature from time to time. In fact, the new smells, sights, and sounds are great for mental enrichment and breaking up boredom. Bored animals tend to act out, often in destructive ways. If you’ve ever come home to a clawed couch or chewed-up blinds, then you may have a bored and anxious pet on your hands. By making a walk in nature part of your weekly routine, you will show your pet that there’s something to look forward to. A pet who knows the routine is a better-behaved pet. 

5. Find the Perfect Chew

This tip for spoiling your pet is tailored to dogs. If you have a dog, you can treat them to a sturdy and natural item to chew on. Chewing is very natural to dogs, and, in fact, the act of grinding their jaws on an animal bone, horn, or hoof releases endorphins that relieve stress. Your dog will thank you for the opportunity to gnaw on something that lasts more than ten minutes, so you may have to explore your options to find something that can withstand your dog’s jaws, especially for larger breeds. Just make sure to avoid bones that can splinter such as chicken, turkey, and pork bones.

From pampering massages to chewy bone days, it can be very fulfilling to spoil your pet. Animals bring endless joy to life, and living with one is a gift. Repay their loyalty and love by treating them to something special every now and then.