5 Ways to Prepare For Acting Lessons in Sydney

There is no better place to study acting than in Sydney, Australia. The city has a rich history in theatre and performing arts and boasts a range of performances in different scales and contexts. There is an abundance of fields in the artform that aspiring actors can pursue, from performing arts to the classical theatre to music theatre. But the most popular nowadays is film acting, with a number of people studying how to act for television.  

Those considering an acting career first start with acting classes from superior coaches in the industry. A quick research of “acting lessons in Sydney” takes aspirants to the leading film & tv acting schools in the city. These schools have produced the best actors in the film industry and have a number of award-winning actors as dedicated tutors. 

Before embarking on a great acting journey, there are a few ways of preparation beginner actors can do to make the most out of their classes. 

Practice being around others.

Stage fright happens even to the most popular actors in film and television. It happens all the time for many acting students as well, even in small classes. Most of these sessions involve students recreating scenes and short skits in front of the class, and being comfortable around others helps the student act more naturally and confidently. Students can practice acting around others by reading a monologue to family members instead of in front of the mirror. They can also recite scenes with a classmate from time to time. These short practices will help rub off any shyness they have in front of other people. 

Prepare to learn breathing and relaxation exercises.

Breathing and relaxation exercises are common warm-up routines before any drama class begins. Breathing exercise helps control anxiety and stress often associated with the career and helps actors focus on their lines and actions instead. Relaxation exercises involve muscle stretching to eliminate tension from the body. This exercise allows looser movement and familiarizes actors with their bodies. Students can practice these two exercises at home weeks before their classes start so they can identify particulars that work best for them. 

Familiarize oneself with the school, teacher, and co-actors.

People become more comfortable with familiar faces and surroundings. They will become less nervous and self-conscious and more confident and focused on the ongoing lesson. After finding the best institution for acting lessons in Sydney, students should visit the place at least once before official acting classes start. Before the first day, it is good to visit the school and spend some time roaming the halls and sitting in their future classrooms. It is advisable to meet the coaches and fellow students before Day 1 as well. 

Dress appropriately and comfortably.

Acting classes involve a lot of body movement, from the warm-up exercises to various acting games and activities. Students need to wear comfortable clothing so they can move without restriction. Most students wear gym clothes and other equally flexible garments, but casual clothes are also good as long as one can move freely in them. 

Remember to have fun.

Starting anything new brings feelings of doubt and anxiety to anyone, more so for aspiring actors in the presence of several co-students and a professional acting coach. But take comfort in the fact that these feelings are normal to every beginner actor. Sooner or later, one will realize self-doubt has no place in the film and television acting industry. What works is perseverance and determination to learn skills and techniques.