5 Ways To Know If You’re Getting a Real & Accurate Tarot Card Psychic Reading

Before you consult love psychics, you should do your research. Not everyone who has a pack of tarot cards knows what they’re doing, and you don’t want to be taken in by someone who can’t actually read. The good news is, you can tell whether or not the person performing the reading is legitimate. Before you spend a ton of money, set up a simple meeting and look for these five signs.

1. They Don’t Ask Open-Ended Questions

People pretending to be psychics are excellent at getting information from clients without them knowing it. One of the ways fraudsters do this is by asking open-ended questions. They’re hoping whatever’s bothering you will show up in conversation.

On the other hand, actual tarot card readers may ask preliminary questions, such as whether you want a general reading or have a specific question in mind, but they won’t interrogate you. If they do ask questions during the reading, they’ll be yes or no questions to guide their own interpretations.

2. They Don’t Assume They’re Right

Tarot reading is more art than science, and even psychic readers aren’t right all the time. Some cards can mean different things depending on the context, which readers may not have if they don’t know you well. So incorrect predictions don’t necessarily mean psychics aren’t legitimate — but their reactions to being called out can give you a clue.

People pretending to be psychic may stick to their guns and insist their information is correct, even if you know it’s not. On the other hand, real psychics will recognize their errors and use that information to reinterpret the cards more accurately.

3. They Don’t Focus on the Obvious

Fraudsters are good at making generalizations based on people’s appearances. However, when asked to get down to the nitty-gritty, they flounder. If psychics are only focused on the obvious (for example, they keep talking about your marriage because you have a wedding ring), they can’t help you.

Actual psychic readings use their extrasensory perception to learn about their clients. They may know about a specific worry you have or identify a lifelong habit, all within the first few minutes of meeting you.

4. Their Predictions Are Specific

However love tarot predictions are also very useful in making decisions about your future. Love psychics use their intuition to guide them through readings so they can give you answers that are relevant to what will happen in your future life.

General predictions are safe because they’re bound to come true eventually. For example, fraudsters may claim you’ll find love before 40, but give few details. Real psychics try to give you as many details as possible:

  • The time frame in which the prediction will happen
  • If there are any obstacles in your way
  • Steps you can take to ensure the prediction comes to pass

5.  They Explain the Cards

The best tarot card reader will explain the reading card by card. Cards have general meanings, but their illustrations often contain symbolism as well. A practiced reader will walk you through the symbols in case they have a special meaning that only you would recognize. Fraudsters, on the other hand, will act as though only they can understand the cards.

Though some con men are out there, there are still good psychics who want to use their gifts to help people. If you keep an eye out for these five signs, you can spot the legitimate tarot card readers and get accurate advice for your future.