5 Ways to Grow Your Network after Moving to a New City

As thrilling and exciting as relocation can be, it also comes with its fair share of fears. Firstly, the decision to hire the best movers in your locality is always pretty delicate. And once you move into your new abode successfully, loneliness and boredom can creep in before you realize it—build and grow a new network.

So, apart from locating schools, healthcare facilities, stores, and other amenities, one of your concerns will be how to create new casual and professional networks. Networking is tricky, particularly if you move to a locality with no acquaintances.

The following tips can help you grow your network after moving to a new city;

1. Identify the Type of People You Want To Network With

While your networks will eventually grow, you need to go about it correctly. Due diligence is necessary to ensure that you create the right acquaintances. And the first thing would be to identify the types of people you want to know. You will probably need to be as definite as possible and spell out how you intend to benefit from your new network.

The biggest question here would be why you want to get connected. Is your new network about a particular job or business? Are you looking for people with whom you share hobbies? Or, could you be looking for correspondences, partners, or collaborators for your next project? Are you looking for an intimate relationship?

Networking for the sake of it can be draining. To avoid wasting your time and the other party’s time, it is vital to be more specific. Of course, although not each move you make will be perfect, setting goals guarantees better results.

2. Link Up With Those You Already Know

You may have more friends in your new city than you can imagine. So, you may consider checking and linking up with who you already know before you try any other networking tips. Again, no one talks to all their former colleagues and classmates every day.

Yet, since everyone is on the move, you could be lucky to find that some of those you already know also live in your new town or city. LinkedIn will undoubtedly play a significant role here. The professional platform allows you to search for followers or those you follow by geography.

Again, you can contact your existing contacts for introductions. And this is doable irrespective of where those you already know are.

3. Join Your Favorite Sport or Leisure Activity

You certainly have a hobby or a leisure activity for health benefits or to pass the time. Apart from participating in it for enjoyment as you would always do in your previous locality, such activities provide perfect contacts for networking.

Some of the activities you should consider are;

  • Joining an amateur sports club for fun or local competitions
  • Becoming a member of a local team’s fan club
  • Making a gym subscription
  • Trying out a yoga or exercise class
  • Joining a dance class
  • Getting yourself enlisted in a book club
  • Taking walks often to the park, lake, or beach
  • Joining a wine club
  • Attending local food, art, or music festivals
  • Consider taking a foreign language class or other short courses
  • Attending cultural clubs or religious events
  • Joining a cultural or religious group

Participating in any of the above activities should help you identify and familiarize yourself with new acquaintances. Screen them without being too cautious before letting them into your inner circle.

4. Join a Local Professional or a Local Social Media Group

The decision to join any of these two will depend on the types of connections you need. If you are a professional, joining a local professional group will help you meet more people in your industry. Such networks will help you learn more about your profession in the city, find new opportunities, or share information.

Joining the local chamber of commerce comes in handy for those in business. You will meet new people and build referrals for your business. But if you are still into social networking, social media platforms are significant assets. You can join local social media groups and pages. You can also subscribe to local activities advertised on social media.

5. Provide Voluntary Services in the Community

If you are into charity, this is something you may consider. Sparing a few hours for charity allows you to meet new people. And once you realize that you have similar goals and aspirations, these could make up part of your rewarding and long-lasting networks.

Volunteering in the community ranges from participating in one-off charity walks to providing occasional or frequent voluntary services to local organizations of your choice. Among the causes you would be interested in include;

  • Children and youth mentorship and welfare
  • Animal welfare
  • Human rights advocacy
  • Adult or children’s education and literacy
  • Arts and culture promotion
  • Disaster relief and crisis management


Adjusting to life in a new city or town can be intimidating. But you are not alone. Several people out there are equally looking for connections. Be yourself and stay confident. Besides, it would be helpful to focus on social links before shifting your focus elsewhere.