Every homemaker loves to invest in home decor items that will make their home look beautiful and elegant. However, most home decor items can be extremely expensive. Decorating your home with a low budget can get tricky.

Most home stores can be expensive. A single visit can make you feel everything is wanted but nothing can be afforded. However, with luxoliving.com.au you can revamp your home while staying on budget.

Here are five ways you can give your house a luxurious touch while salvaging within your budget.

1.      Buy An Accent Chair

An accent chair with a nice velvet finish can make your living space look luxurious and enchanting. A colored chair will bring out the vibrancy in the room. You can color contrast the chair with the main sofa set, or you can bring forth one of the colors from the mixed palette of your living room. The choice is yours. Put a round cushion on the seat and you have a nice sitting place within your room. If your budget allows, you can put a standing lamp near your accent chair, and a potted plant nearby to give it a personalized touch.

2.      Get Yourself Quilt Covers

You can make your bedroom or a guest room look like a hotel room with a nicely placed quilt. There are many quilt covers available in the market with different designs, patterns, and colors. You can color contrast your bedding, or create a theme for your bed. Quilts can remind you of a five-star hotel room. You can put a nice tray with a scented candle, a book, and a flower vase on your guest bed to make your guests feel welcomed.

3.      Invest In Good Lighting

Lights have an important role to play in your home decor. Ceiling lights may be good for your eyes if you are reading, but a warm glow from a lamp can create an intimate ambiance around the room. Get yourself a few table lamps and floor lamps with patterned, colored, or floral lamp shades to give your room a nice touch. Placing a few scented candles on your mantle and corner tables to give your house a pleasant and welcoming air.

4.      Don’t Neglect Outdoors

People invest all their money and energy in decorating the inside house while neglecting important outdoor places like the porch and terrace. If you have a porch where you have kept an old rattan sofa, it’s time to upgrade. Add in a new rattan sofa with a coffee table and place colorful cushions. If you have a terrace, you can utilize the space to add some fresh plants to your house.

5.      Accessorize Your Living Room

Lastly, make sure that you add some accessories around your living room. Living room accessories include floor cushions, sofa throws,  sofa cushions, and a few poufs and shams. These accessories will add vibrancy, color, and glamour to your otherwise dull-looking living room.