As the new year dawns, it’s time to serve humanity. The online COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions to find new ways to serve their local communities.

Perhaps you’ve felt the same way. You’ve dreamed of ways to give back to your community that transcend donating blankets and soup. What else can you do to help?

Check out our list of must-know charitable organizations and volunteer opportunities in your area. Maybe you’ll find one that fits your needs and passions.

1. Volunteer at Local Charities

Volunteering with local charities is a great way to give back to the community. It’s an opportunity for people to contribute to a cause they’re passionate about and make a difference in the lives of others.

Local charities help the community in many ways, like with education and health care, and they depend on volunteers to keep going. Volunteering can be done in many ways, like helping with office work, running workshops, or running events.

People can also volunteer abroad through certain groups, giving them a chance to help people outside their own country. Volunteering provides a valuable way to contribute to the community, making it a great way to give back.

2. Participate in Community Clean-up Events

These events bring people together to work towards making their community a better and cleaner place; additional volunteers can help the event be a success.

Participating in a community cleanup event is a wonderful way to help make a difference. The first step is to inquire with your local government or civic organization to find out when the next cleanup event is scheduled.

Upon registering, you and your family can join in to pick up trash, bag it and dispose of it in the right location. Along the way, you can even talk with other volunteers and get to know one another better while being productive and achieving a common goal.

3. Donate to Local Causes

There are a variety of ways to give back to the community, and donating to local causes is one of the best. When donating money, supplies, or time, you can help to make a positive impact by supporting a cause in your own backyard.

Ensuring donations are going to a trustworthy, accountable organization is key. Research potential organizations or consider recurring donations to established charities that focus on local support.

4. Join a Community Group

One great way to give back to the community is to join a local community group and donate clothes. Community groups can range from helping out in soup kitchens and shelters to participating and beautification projects. 

5. Mentor a Young Person

Mentoring is a unique and personal form of giving back that can have much more of an impact than a more generic form of giving back. Through mentoring young people, you can help them to build the skills they need to succeed in school, work, and life.

Give Back to the Community Today

Overall, there are countless ways to make a positive impact in your community. From volunteering to donating time and resources, every contribution is meaningful.

Give back today to see what projects your community needs and get involved. You’ll be making a positive difference in someone’s life and feeling the rewards personally. So why wait? Take action now!

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