5 Ways to Get into an International University

Higher education institutions around the globe receive numerous admission applications annually from international students. Every study abroad aspirant needs to understand the significance of proper research and homework before applying to any foreign university/school. Though it is a hectic process, you can make it simple with these five tips  that can help you gain admission into your dream university abroad.

Before Starting, Contemplate The Success and Failure Ratio

Every study abroad aspirant must consider the reality that even after tedious procedures and lengthy documentation, only about 5% of applications get accepted. The success to failure ratio is 1:20 that is one international student gets admission out of twenty applicants. So before starting the admission process, students must weigh  the pros and cons of their choices.

Students need to evaluate the answers to questions such as ; why do they want an international degree? Does their academic knowledge support your selected program? Do they have the finances to cover study abroad costs? They need to consider anything they find significant during analysis to outweigh their success-to-failure ratio.

After evaluating all options, students need to consider the following ways to stand out amongst the crowd: 

1.      Get Good Scores On the International Placement and Evaluation Tests

Besides good grades, it is critical for prospective students to get good scores in various placements and evaluation exams like the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. Many international universities prefer applicants that take one of these exams. Check websites of international educational institutions for further assistance and info regarding different preparatory exams they accept. Also, aspirants need to demonstrate a high-level English language proficiency for many universities in the US, Australia, UK, etc. by getting satisfactory scores on IELTS or TOEFL tests.

2.      Prepare an Impressive Personal Essay/Statement

A personal statement or essay is one of the most significant aspects of any international admission process. Most international students often overlook it and prepare an average document that ultimately results in a lesser success rate. 

Thus, aspiring students who want to improve their application success possibilities should spend more time on how they can prepare an enticing and thorough personal statement. Also, here are some essential points that every prospect should add to their essay/personal statement.

  • Many international academic administrations prefer short and to-the-point details, so be succinct and avoid churning out lengthy paragraphs.
  • Describe your source of motivation for the selected subjects/programs clearly.
  • Explain how your educational background is relevant to the chosen degree/programs/subjects. 
  • Describe your hobbies or skills that make you the most suitable candidate for the international study program. Also, add appropriate social work, community services, or voluntary work.
  • Include any non-accredited or additional courses, if any.
  • Explain your professional and personal aspirations and what future goals you will accomplish after completing the selected degrees/programs/courses.

3.      Use Online Education Portals

Technologically our world is evolving in a significant way. And everyone is using digital platforms to solve their problems within less time. Similarly, numerous online educational portals provide academic services that match prospective students with suitable academic institutions. International aspirants can use WooStudy, an AI-powered platform that proffers various educational and counseling services to students without charging any fee. The platform is authentic with the mission to make the entire recruitment process hassle-free and seamless. So, with WooStudy, get matched with your dream international university for FREE!

4.      Start The Process of Application ASAP!

Every study abroad aspirant should keep a keen eye on admission and scholarship updates of their dream universities and start the application cycle ASAP. You can get all the authentic news updates from academic institutions’ websites.

It is a rule of thumb that early applicants have a high chance of success. As application preparations require time, it is good to organize prerequisite credentials and prepare essays early. Numerous study abroad programs get filled within a few days after admission announcements. So, any delay would decrease your success chances. Be vigilant and check your desired university website daily. Also, subscribe to their newsletters to get notified timely and not miss any opportunity.

5.      Be Confident and Prepare for The Interview

Some international academic institutions prefer personal interviews for specific highly-sought after courses and programs, so aspirants should prepare for expected interview invitations after applying to international universities. These student inclusion interviews play a notable role in candidate aptitude evaluation and selection of the best-fit students worldwide. Therefore, prepare well for the questions about selected programs, future goals, and other relevant queries. Do not get stressed out; remain calm and confident, and you will ace it.

Wrap Up

Studying abroad is an exciting prospect that comes with numerous opportunities as well. The entire admission process in any international university is tedious, but if done wisely, it is an exclusive opportunity for international students. Thus, keep a keen eye, be mindful, and prepare well to stand out amongst the crowd and get admission into your dream university! 

Author Bio

Maliha Safiullah is a Former Correspondent for 60 Minutes, Channel Nine Australia and is a published writer having worked as a Feature Writer for Dawn News, Pakistan.